My Dad

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If i live to be hundred and seventy - nine , I will never forget
December 14th when dad & Mr Madison were in opposite teams in a fun dad's only football match.

**Gossip mode rn**

Ok guys ... This what happened,
dad's team decided to call themselves : "Live It Up Victorious Dads "

I tried to convince dad the name was too long and weird but he said "The Madison's team have to know we take this match seriously ... taking my Nutan client and my little kate's cake..

Kate : Dad !!!

Mr Bill Rice : On her birthday

Kate : Am 17 now that happened 3 years ago

Bill Rice : It doesn't matter Kate their team is going down.

dad usual take his leave in a discussion when his damn serious , like now.

So I guess it : Live It Up Victorious Dads VS The Dads


I can't even say that with a straight face ~• Puff 😂

Mom and I  are getting really getting worried about dad

2:03 am a month before the match.

**Dad pointing at his bathroom mirror**

Dad : You Madison's are cowards ... James you face this match like a real man ok... My Nutan lost her client to you guys little Kate cake on her birthday you took and made her unhappy ... Your Paye makes my
Kate cry..

✨Dad's Memory✨

Dad : Hey daughter, What's up , you came in and didn't say hello

Kate : Not now dad ... I don't want to talk to anyone...pls go away.

Dad : Do you want Jacob to come over

Kate : No *Turn her face away*

Dad : It that PAYE Madison again ... Look Kate you don't have too...

Kate : Am fine dad , Don't worry about me ...

✨Memory dies down✨

Dad : Your gonna lose this match

Mom : Honey ? ...Who are you talking to it so early ?

Dad : Their gonna lose this match *leave*

This match means a lot to dad , he even started exercising .

Kate : It so early *yawn* why are you here

Jacob : Am Coaching your dad for the football match.

Kate : Why 5am?

** Dad Comes in wearing sweatpants **

Bill rice : Jacob am ready , let go jog

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