A Dance and a Kiss to Remember

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All the couples had arrived at the guild and there was commotion everywhere as people boozed up and danced on the table.

Didn't really seem like a ball, but it was, Fairy Tail style.

People "awwwed" and admired the young couples that they saw come in together.

Wendy ran over to Romeo, who handed her flowers, and Mira sat next to Laxus at one of the tables.

Levy and Gajeel sat and talked at the bar, while Gray and Juvia proceeded to stand together in the thick of all the people.

Natsu and Lucy sat by Carla and Happy, and Erza and Jellal held hands and just strolled through the crowd together, talking.

A ballroom song rang suddenly from the speakers, and by no surprise Mira was standing near the turntable.

Keys from the piano played a gentle melody, one which sounded like a waltz.

Natsu was spinning Lucy around the floor wildly, clearly having no idea how to actually waltz.

"Man, me and Luce can dance better than anyone." he grinned.

Gray stepped up to Natsu, dragging Juvia by her hand with him. "You wanna bet, pinky, me and Juvia could beat you guys any day."

Gajeel couldn't help but arise to the challenge, popping up in the middle of the dance floor with them, squeezing Levy tight against him with his arm around her "Are you two kidding, Levy and I can dance better than you two morons ever could!"

Natsu pulled Lucy closer, "Well that's surprising, I've got Lucy for a partner, no way could your girls beat her!"

Lucy pushed against his chest "Natsu I don't think this is really necessary...."

"Please, Juvia is just like a river, she's gentle and flows with the beat."

"Levy is light and agile and is ten times more graceful than any of you."

"Gajeel that's nice of you to say but..."

"I disagree, Erza is the fairy queen, if she isn't graceful no one is." Jellal's voice joined the argument.

"Why don't you morons put your money where your mouth is since you think you're so great." Gray said.

"Sounds good to me!" They all lined up and begin dancing with their partners competitively.

Gajeel put his hand on Levy's waist and she put hers up to his shoulder. He led her around with emphasis on energy.

All the boys kept glancing around at the other couples to make sure they were doing better.

Soon the rest of the guild started pairing up and dancing, though not as violently.

Alzack lifted up his daughter, Asuka, and staring dancing her playfully around the room.

Wendy and Romeo started dancing together as well, even Evergreen and Elfman, who everyone knew had always liked each other.

Happy and Carla danced to, except on the table since they were so small.

Gajeel spun Levy around with ease and lifted her up into the air, smirking at the others, pleased with his advantage with his small partner.

The other competitors looked at them jealously, then Natsu blew a ring of fire around them and Gray do the same with an ice make, both fighting to gain the upper hand.

Jellal used light magic to illuminate his and Erza's dance circle and Gajeel lifted his partner up onto the stage where he joined her and continued to spin her and lift her up off the ground a few times.

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