A Ball? What? When?

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"A ball?" several members of the rowdy guild called, looking up at the speaker with quizzical faces.

"Yes, you heard me brats, a ball, here in the guild, tomorrow." the speaker, the all powerful, yet strikingly dwarfish, Master Makarov, replied to their inquisition. Th small man stood atop a raised platform, overlooking the motley assembly of wizards. "And I expect you all to come, rather than face the wrath of Mira, who shall be chaperoning along with me."

The aforementioned mage hopped upon the stage beside the guild's master, her long silver tresses of hair bouncing along with her movements. She peered at the crowd with bright eyes and an innocent smile upon her lips.

"That's right!" The mage, Mirajane piped.

"Mira and I are very excited," the master spoke again, "it promises to be a wonderful celebration."

"Just like we fairies are known for!" Mirajane quipped, spreading her arms out.

Several members of the guild joined in a grand cheer. They pumped their fists and smiled, proud of their reputation for throwing a damn good party.

Mirajane grinned and calmly waved her hand to settle the clamor, and regain their attention. "And I hope you all have a dancing partner in mind!" She folded her hands together. "You fellas best ask your girl's quickly, because the ball is tomorrow." 

The moment that last term left her mouth, the assembly fell back into an uproar. Screams of protest and indignant cries were heard all around the room.

"I've got a job lined up tomorrow!" One member screamed.

The guild master simply shrugged his shoulders and grinned, "We've canceled all incoming job requests."

"How will I have time to get a dress!" Another, female, member cried out, clearly distressed.

Mira was quick to answer that inquiry. "Don't you worry ladies! I've already enlisted the help of a willing volunteer who will take you girl's shopping today! Right Erza?"

The crowd fell silent as the sound of clanking metal and boots was heard approaching the stage. A beautiful armored woman with long, scarlet hair joined Mirajane and the guild master upon the stage- the powerful mage known by many as Titania, Queen of the Fairies.

This Fairy Queen, Erza, cleared her throat and smiled. "Indeed, I guarantee all the girls will look their best tomorrow."

"Whereas I'll be taking the boys," Mira countered, causing the group of males in the crowd to release low, disapproving hums, some looking extremely uncomfortable, and some looking nearly ready to faint.

"Then it is settled." The guild master quipped "I look forward to seeing you all at the ball tomorrow. Look nice."

A buzz of murmurs and whispers overcame the crowd, as everyone quietly shared their concerns. Most everyone that is, except for a small group of girl's who seemed to bubble with joy and liveliness. 

One of the group, an eager, blue-haired water mage, was the first to express her clear enthusiasm for the event. "This is Juvia's chance to dance with her beloved Gray-Sama!"

The blonde mage beside her nodded in agreement. "How exciting and romantic! I can't wait! I only wonder if-"

"If Natsu will go with you?" Another mage, also with blue hair, but a petite figure, interrupted her statement. "We all know that's what you're thinking Lucy."

Lucy whipped around to face the smaller girl, her face tinged a light pink. "What about you then? Are you planning on attending the event with anyone, Levy?"

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