I couldn't hold back the tears any longer so I ran towards the back doors, I open the door and ran towards the garden I kept running in a slow rate not wanting to destroy the plants, I came across a bench on the far end of the garden, I looked around to see if anyone was around but I saw no one I sat down on the bench and finally let the tears out 

"Are you okay?" I jumped a little when I heard Sam's voice  

"Sam, you scared me" I said quickly wiping the tears away  

"I'm sorry, I was fixing the flowers on the other side when I heard someone crying" he walked over and I smiled at him  

"It's ok, I was just..." I couldn't think of an excuse to give him so I just left it at that  

"I know its not my business, but you know I'm always here for anything" I smiled at him and nod my head  

"I know" he sat down next to me on the bench, and I finally noticed the glove and shears he was holding he set the shears down on the ground and took off his gloves also setting them down on the ground then he took the red rose that he had set on him leg and looked at it  

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet" I looked at him confused, he looked at me and smiled 

"William Shakespeare wrote that, a brilliant man" he looked back at the red rose, he had a admiring look on his face as he looked at the red rose 

"Love, it can make you do some unimaginable things" he smiled he set the rose down on his lap again and leaned back looking at the perfect garden that he had made  

"I made this garden for her, every single rose in this garden is another reason why I love her, whether she knows it or not, everyday I give her one rose and one reason why I love her, so she will always feel loved, no matter what she's doing, who she's with, where or when ever she goes she will always know that somewhere out there someone loves her, and patiently waiting for her" a loving smile was plastered on his face as he looked at the woman he loves so dearly  

"I wish your brother was just like you" I looked down, I didn't want to see his face   

"My dear Crystal, he is more romantic than you think, he just doesn't know how to express it well, he got the looks but I got the brains" he laughed making me laugh with him 

"His just having a hard time dealing with problems, he wants the simple way, and that is his down fall" I let out a sigh and shook my head  

"He thinks that everything is simple, nothing is to hard to handle, just say a few commonly used words and yay all good" I rolled my eyes and shook my head  

"Nothing in life is ever easy, and he needs to learn that" Sam looked at me amused  

"You sound like his mother" I shook my head at him and smile 

"I do huh" I laughed followed by Sam's laughter  

"He will learn just give him time" I nod still smiling he tap my shoulders and got up 

"Now excuse me while I go woo my beautiful woman" he made his way towards the house with the red rose, my heart sank at the image of him portraying his love to her  

"Some day Crystal" I said to myself  

I got off the bench thinking I should go get something to eat, I hated being a blood sucker I hated that I have to bite someone to eat, but I have no choice in the matter I wanted to be human again, to feel like myself instead of heightened senses, incredible strength and supernatural powers, I think I was wired wrong cause I know a couple of people who would die for something like this, literally, but I would go back to be a human again 

"Hey!" I turned around to see Anna running over  

"Where you going?" I looked out to the woods my face scrunched up  

"Dinner" I said like I had a bad taste in my mouth 

"Oh" she said sounding uncomfortable  

"Can I come?" I shook my head at her  

"If you don't feel uncomfortable" I said walking in a normal pace so she can catch up  

"So, I heard about what happened" I didn't say anything just kept walking  

"Why are you so hard on him? He clearly is sorry" I stopped and looked at her  

"Do you know what the meaning of love is?" she looked at me confused  

"Hmm..." she thought  

"It's an intense feeling of deep affection" she smiled proud of herself for remembering, I shook my head at her  

"Not the dictionary meaning but the emotional meaning" I looked up in the dark sky full of stars and a brightly lit moon 

"Love is to share life together, to build special plans just for two to work side by side, Love is something that you and your soul mate build as one, love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend" I smiled as I thought about the early days i heard Anna laughing I turned to look at her  

"Oh I remember those days" she shook her head smiling  

"There's one thing that had been bothering me" I looked at her  

"How did you fall so fast for him? I mean it took you guys only what a day or two" she stumbled on a tree branch but before she fell I caught her and steadied her 

"Thanks" she mumbled feeling ashamed that she had stumbled on a tree branch, I answered her question giving her a break from the hunters duty 

"For us vampires, we connect through a special bond that helps us slowly connect emotionally with our partner, but once you mark your partner with a different mark, the connection fades away and all you'll feel is strong emotional almost physical pain of their betrayal" I could feel my anger rising at the thought of Daniel fooling around   

"Love is the beauty of the soul" Anna said I nod my head in agreement  

"I get it" she said excitedly 

"So you and Daniel are like soul mates" I nod again  

"From the very beginning, it was foretold, but I guess the prophecy didn't see this coming" I rolled my eyes 

"Well, I think its because you need to go through the good and bad with Daniel to strengthen your bond" I kept quiet and thought about what she said, I guess it was some what true but I don't know if I'm ever going to forgive him.

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