Crystal's Story

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~I will be telling thei side of the story, what makes them special! who and where they came from, i just want you all to know who they are before i start, since i promised to explain everything about them!~ ACL2011

“Sensei! I need to know about my parents” I stormed in his office demanding him he sat on his chair and nod

 “Which parents are you inquiring about?” my head moved back a little feeling confused

 “What are you talking about?” he folded his hands together and calmly said

 “Your real parents or the ones that raised you?” I felt like the world was shaking underneath me wanting me to just choke on air and die

 "Sit down, there is lots to tell you” I slowly and cautiously sat down on the chair my head was spinning

"You are not crystal Scott, but you are Sepherene Zephere Lockheart the daughter of Lord Tharg Lockheart and Lady Tifen Lockheart, your father Lord Tharg was the ruler of the Humans, he fell In love with your mother who was the ruler of the land of enchantment” he stopped and looked at me letting me soak in the information then he started again

 “It was love at first site your father always said that It wasn't her beauty that enchanted him it was her heart, your mother was a beautiful woman, she turned heads every where she went, all the rulers of the worlds wanted her hand in marriage but she choose your father, she had said that it was your fathers heart that caught her eyes, being the fairy she is she can see every ones hearts like she was seeing their aura” he took a moment to let me sink it in then he went on

 “Both very powerful and feared rulers of the lands, but they bringing nothing but peace and harmony, they were just feared for how much powers they have, and combining that power made them even more powerful beings” he stopped again, he was very cautious

 “But of course in some worlds there are the evil cruel lords, the king of vampires was one of the cruellest ones, he wanted your mother for himself and did almost anything to get her, but your mother saw his black heart and knew that she had to be cautious around him” he watched my face for any changes but I was in a blank state right now, I just wanted to sit there and sink in all the information

 “Go on!” I said calmly but inside it was storming

 “When your parents married he lost it, he waited for the right time to strike but he waited to long, thinking that he might still have a chance with her, but your mother conceived you,and he found out he became very angry with your parents, especially your father, he felt some what betrayed, he launched an attack on their kingdom making your father send you and your mother away”

 “The ultimate sacrifice from his side” that caught my attention

 “As much as it hurt him to leave you both he couldn't just leave his kingdom or his people to defend themselves, his knights urged him to go but there was no changing his mind, your mother knew that if it was reversed she'd do the same thing, she bid farewell to your father and shared one last kiss and escaped to the land of enchantment...her kingdom” I felt a Daja vu

 “Why cant Daniel see it like that?!” I screamed making sensei look at me wierdly I sat back on my chair and nod for him to continue

 “Everyday she sent out her warriors to see if there is any news on your father but they all came back with the same answer, there was none she had to keep hope that he was still out there looking for a way to come and that kept her going, but what she didn't know is that her warriors had been lying to her” he hurridly said the next part seeing my face go red with anger

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