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"There are no words to make this better Daniel" i had just gotten out of the shower dripping wet and Daniel is standing behind me begging me to forgive him

"But Crystal, i am truly sorry" i ignored him and speed up to my closet looking for something to wear

"Crystal, tell me how to make this better" 

"How about you leave my room so i can change...now" i let out a small growl and he smiled 

"I've seen you naked before" he had a sheepishly smile on his face, which irritated me to much

"LEAVE" he stepped back his hand raised in surrender and his face in a mixture of scared and confused

He walked out of the room without another warning, i felt bad to use my powers against him but i didn't want him to see what was on my body. Before i went to heaven, i had taken a route to hell, i hadn't mentioned it before because it's not something to talk about. When he had sent me back to earth he had returned me with the scares to remind me that i can always go back to hell.

"What happened...." i heard a voice behind me, i hurriedly put my rob on and turned to see Sam standing there in shock

"Did he do this to you?" he pointed to my body and i shook my head no, i could feel the tears threatening to come out

"What happened to you Crystal?" 

I slowly made my way to the chair near the mirror, i sat down and took a deep breath to force the tears back and looked up at Sam who was eager to know what had happened to my body

"I haven't been very honest with everyone, Sam" i motioned for him to sit on the other side of where there was another chair. He sat down leaned back and folded his hands together and waited for my explanation.

"I didn't go to heaven at first, i was sent to hell..." i had to let out a deep breath i could see his body tensing up at that word...Hell

"I was thrown in there with no warning, no support, nothing but my fight to live..." he stood up immediately i looked up and he was standing in front of the door

"I can't"  he looked away 

"Please dress for the ball tonight" then he disappeared tears fell as i bit my tongue trying to stop myself from crying hard then his word hits me 

"Ball?" ...

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