Forever Love: The Awakening (Book 3)

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 Some where in between....

Pain is all I can feel, not physically but emotionally, sitting up here looking down at them mourning, kills me, I see that they try to heal from the situation but I know their still mourning, I just wish I could go back see my daughter grow up, kiss my husband and hug my sisters

“its tough isnt it” I turned behind me to see a very old man standing behind me looking down at my family 

“extremely tough” I said looking back to my husband talking to sam

“what if I told you that your mission isnt over” I turned around so fast I almost broke my neck doing it

“what do you mean?” he looked at my family and back at me 

“there is still too much evil in this world, still to much trouble ahead” he said in a hinting voice

“does it mean that I have the chance to see my little gorl grow?” I asked looking back at her in the small circle like a window

“if you accept the terms then yes” I turned around to him again 

“what kind of terms?” I tried to act calm but I was desperate and it showed in my tone 

“walk with me” he said extending his hand to me I looked at my family once more then I walked over to him, he grabbed my arm and hooked it to his 

“there are three, follow them and you will live longer with your daughter” I kept silent listening intently

“Every SACRIFICE deserves a fruitful reward, every FAILURE deserves a second chance, we just have to be strong to persevere in LIFE" i looked at him confused 

"what are you saying?" he stopped and smiled at me 

"enjoy!" was the last word i heard him say before he pushed me, i could hear his laughter in the wind he sounded like santa claus

In every end there is a new beginning, and in every story there is a continuing....

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