The Ball

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The moon was lit brighter then ever tonight, a classical music and many voices could be heard in the background.

Vampires and humans all together in one room, I could hear heart beats of those I onced protected, they were beating fast with excitement some were fear.

I stood in front of the mirror looking at my black dress flowing down, my hair was straight and flowing down my shoulder, i let out a sigh feeling nervous about meeting everyone else again.

"You'll be fine Crystal" Sam had walked in with a small smile on his face, i looked back and smiled at him

"I'm nervous, I haven't seen everyone since..." I didn't have to say it and he nods in understanding.

"Everyone is thrilled to see you" I smiled as he gives me a side ways hug

"You look beautiful" there was a knock on the door and a familiar voice could be heard behind it

"Crystal, everyone is ready." Daniel voice rang through and I looked at Sam through the mirror and he smiled

"I know its not easy, but for one night just one night please try to get along with him." for Sam I would do it, I nod in agreement and walked towards the door

"Oh my..." Daniel exclaimed his eyes wide

"You look...Beautiful" I could feel my face turning red

"You look handsome" and it was the truth, he really did look handsome with his black suit on and hair combed back

"Well then I'm gonna go find my wife and ill meet you at the party" I smiled at Sam as he made his way passed us

"Crystal, I want you to know-" I cut him off with my hand and smiled

"Just for tonight, we're good." he had a frown on his face but then he nods, I knew he didn't want it nut he'll get what he can.

He extended his arm to me to grab and I gladly grabbed it and made our way down the hall, we stabbed at the double doors and waited I inhaled and exhaled as the smell of blood rushed through my nostrils i could feel my body wanting to go crazy but then it stopped, there wasn't any cravings at all and then it hit me, since I came back I haven't had any blood but ate regular human food...

"You okay?" I looked at Daniel and nod with a smile, ill worry about that later for now I want to see everyone

"Announcing your wonderful host tonight, Mr and Mrs Daniel and crystal Knight" the doors slowly open, th brightness of the room flowed with the doors opening, as it fully open we saw all kinds of people from below the stairs, everyone was there all looking up at us with warm kind smiles


The room was quiet after that, you could hear a pin drop. I felt self conscious, everyone's eyes felt like it was on me, I know being a vampire give me incredible balance but at that very moment I felt like I was going to trip on my dress and fall flat on my face

"Welcome everyone" Daniels voice echoed but everyone was still quiet

"Relax. You'll do fine." as if reading my mind Daniel assured me holding on to my arm we started to descend down the stairs, my right arm holding on to Daniels left arm and my left hand on the railings.

It felt like I was the star of the show, everyone's eyes never left me from the moment we stood in to balcony, I felt somewhat embarrassed of this i should feel like royalty and demand the attention like the princess I read in books but honestly I felt like I didn't deserve this, as we finally reached the bottom of the stairs everyone started to come over and greet us

"I'm so glad to see you again Crystal" followed by many other greetings from everyone. My human family where the people I wanted to see the most of and I was so very happy to see them.

As the night went on people partied and got to know one another I walked through crowds greeting them with Daniel by my side, it felt like nothing bad had happened between us , it felt perfect. As I made my way to the table of refreshments Daniel grabbed 2 glasses of blood and handed me one, I took the glass but felt disgusted about drinking it, I put it down and grabbed a cup of fruit punch and he looked at me disappointed

"I'm sorry, it not you its me. I just don't find the blood to be very...satisfying." he looked at me confused

"When is the last time you drink blood?" it has finally hit him too, I shrug my shoulders dismissing the idea and he asked again this time with a demand in his voice

"Don't talk to me like that!" I let out a growl and he gasped, i didn't see why he would gasp cause that's how I've been talking to him lately so it shouldn't be surprise

" Crystal, your eyes...what's happening to you?" I got confused at that so i turned towards the glass bowl to try and see my eyes but I couldn't see anything he told me to close my eyes and directed me to the bathroom down the hall, before we entered he checked to see if it was clear then told me to enter

"Open your eyes" I opened my eyes nd gasp, they were pitch eyes were pitch black

"Crystal,what's going on?" I could hear the worry in his voice as I stared at myself in the mirror

"That's a very good question...."

something is happening to me...

Its been 5 min since we entered the bathroom, and been 5 min since we last spoke. I could see the worry in his face but he knew not to talk.

"I'm fine." I said looking at myself in the mirror for the hundred time. He didn't look convinced but still kept quiet.

"Ok, fine I dont know what's happening to me right now." I turned around to face him, he had his hands in his pocket and stared straight at me.

"There's gotta be someone out there that knows something" I looked down at the floor thinking

"Sensei!" I said snapping him out of his thoughts, he nods and sped out, before I could blink they stood in front of me

"Haha! A little warning would be ni-" before he could finish Daniel pointed to me and he stopped mid sentence

"What the...what's this?" he looked at me in shock and disbelief

"Help me!" I said in urgency and he looked closer

"Wait...turn around" so I did and they both gasp

"What?!" I said trying to look back at them

"I know what's happening to you.." I turned to face them and waited for an answer

"What?!" I snapped

"You're changing" sensei said looking away

"What?! To what?" he looked at me with sorrowful eyes

"You're becoming...Angel of Justice"

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