The Meeting 1

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The Sun had just risen, in all its full glory. Painting it's rays on the landscape. The sky was a canvas of colors, blue, pink and yellow mixed together gave a heavenly look.

At the top of a mountain, a lone house stood proudly. Although worn out, it still radiated the looks of comfort. Inside, only two members of the seven membered family, resided.

Tanjirou, the second oldest along with his six younger siblings had left for their aunt's house at the neighbouring town. The eldest sister along with their mother decided to stay back as Nashiro, the eldest child was not in a condition to travel that far.

Born with a frail body, Nashiro was often sick and unable to travel to other places. This time, to accompany her loneliness was her dear mother.

The family was known to work with fire. Selling charcoals being their main source of income, however as Nashiro began to grow older, she began taking interest in herbal medicine.

The effects of different plants and herbs interested her and just as she was able to leave the house, she began looking and studying herbs. Due to her weak body as child, she was stuck in her room and with no other option, opted for studying.

As a mature female, her body had become tad bit stronger and enabled her to at least walk to the nearby town.

Trudging down the familiar path, Nashiro began quietly humming a little tune. Nothing special, just something that came to her mind while walking.

She walked over to her usual spot, which was a small clearing surrounded by huge trees that loomed over her. Birds chirped and the squirrels were running up and down the trees. Times like this made Nashiro wish for time to stop. It was too ethereal and peaceful, a complete opposite to the world that she lived in. A world that was filled with power hungry countries and destructive weapons.

She gently laid down her small brown mat and placed her ink pot at the very end. She then placed her books at the side and her quill near the ink pot. Picking up her quill, she fished out her sample of herbs that she was currently studying.

Opening her books, she began searching for the same family as the said plant. Skimming her slender fingers through the pages of her book, she looked for a specific family.

Time continued to fly by and soon the Sun began to set. The sky was filled with the dying light of the Sun as it shone its last rays on the surface of the Earth. Realizing the time, Nashiro began gathering her belongings.

It didn't take much time for her to do the said task, however she stopped mid way when she heard a sound. It was a weird sound, like something had just fell on the ground. The sound was followed by the scent of blood which worried the female.

Cautiously walking towards where the sound came from, she began looking for the source of it. She didn't even know why she was doing this in the first place, considering that with the setting Sun, her mother would only grow anxious.

Her fingers brushed the leaves of the bush and the sight infront of her made her eyes widen. There laid a man, with spiky black hair. He laid on his stomach so she couldn't see his face, however what disturbed her the most was the fact that he had blood oozing out of him.

Rushing to his side, she firmly picked him up and flung his right arm around her shoulders. She knew that she wouldn't be able to carry him all the way to her house, but that didn't mean she could just leave him there. She quickly began walking in the direction of her house, supporting him with her body, well as quickly as she could considering the male was damn heavy.

Half an hour had passed and she was almost near her house. The Sun had long set, and now the ginormous trees were starting to scare her, 'Curse my stupid, weak body. Couldn't this man have gotten injured on another day, when maybe.......... I DON'T KNOW TANJIROU WANTED TO HAVE SOME SISTER-BROTHER BONDING TIME !!!!!!!  '

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