Broken Memories

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It was dark outside, and almost time to sleep for the small family. However the sound of children was heard in the faraway house. The six children, all of different age, ran over to a beautiful young lady with black hair and ruby eyes, who was preparing her futon.

"Onee-san, Onee-san, read us that story !! '' The eldest boy replied, his face was a blur and so was everyone else's. The only thing notable of him was his burgundy hair. The woman looked at them and frowned, "_________, _________, shouldn't you both be setting the young one's to bed rather than bringing them here. "

The boy jumped in joy, "But I really wanted to hear that story from you !!!! ". Suddenly all the other children started pleading too, " Nee-chan please, please. Just one story !!!! " The female stared at them before shaking her head and giving a small smile, "Okay, but just one. Go and get your futons. " She ordered, to which the children obliged without complaint.

The female sat at the edge of her futon and the other six children laid their futons in a semi circle, surrounding the end of the female's futon. She sat with her legs criss crossed and the other six children laid their heads on her lap.

She then questioned, " Alright, which one do you want to hear ?" She asked the children, but it resulted in a quarrel between the samurai one and the princess one. In the end the female decided to mix both of them and tell a completely different one.

The female smiled at the children before starting, " Once upon a time there wa-----------

                                                                              Everything is blurry.

                                           I can't breathe, and it's like I'm drowning in the ocean.

                                                      Everything hurts as water fills up my lungs.

                                                                                       ​​​  Who am I?

                                                                                I can't remember.....

                                                                                            It hurts.....

                                                                                            It hurts.....

                                                                              It hurts so much!!!!!

Her eyes monotonously opened, scanning her surroundings. Plush pillows pressed under the weight of her head as she wallowed in the pain from the headache. She turned her body, making her lie on her back as her mind continued to play that small scene in front of her eyes.

Usually whenever she had dreams like this, she was advised to eat something, which would immediately alleviate the pain. It certainly worked as she would often forget anything about that dream, however this time, she wanted to remember it.

She didn't know what she was feeling, this dream continued to hurt her, she hoped it was a part of her memories. Ever since she woke up half an year before, she couldn't remember anything related to her past.

However it's not like it mattered, that man was extremely kind to her. He made sure she was properly fed and covered. That she would have a roof above her head, and did not have anyone hurting her.

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