Torture And Escape

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Nashiro hesitantly opened her eyes, adjusting them to the bright light that shone brightly. After a while her eyes got used to the sudden display of light, causing her to crane her neck to look at her surroundings. She seemed to be in a huge room, however judging from the material of the place it was safe to assume that was back at the Infinity Dimension Fortress.

Suddenly the events of last night came flooding in her mind as her headache returned. A certain ringing in her ears accompanied the headache. Anger fuelled her body as she began pulling her hands out of the iron chains that they were bind with. A soft growl echoed in her throat as she deemed unsuccessful.

She stopped when she heard the door slide open. A young woman, correction, a demon came in. Her posture was bent over and her skin was a disgusting color of yellow. She had light brown coloured hair. Her eyes were quite disturbing. Their scleras were light pink in color and her iris was of a bright yellow. Truly a terrifying sight.

Nashiro whipped her head towards the demon and began growling animalistically. The woman gave a mocking smirk which only angered the ravenette. Having enough of the silence, the brunette began slightly, "Do you know why your even here ? " Nashiro hissed at the female before speaking, "Where the fuck is that coward ? "

Upon hearing her words, the demon began growling, "Don't speak about that man in such a way. I'll rip you to shreds. "

Nashiro gave a mocking grin, "Is that so? Try me, bitch. " The demon grinned creepily before asking, "Don't worry darling, I've got orders to play with you as much as I want, as long as I break you..... " The demon then bent down to her height, "Now.... let's play. " She placed her yellow coloured hands on her pale face before returning to her normal height, "Oh.... my name's Tuba, just thought that you might want to know the name of your torturer. "

Tuba turned her back to Nashiro and walked out of the room. A few minutes later she returned with something that was wrapped in a dirty looking cloth. She pulled the table that was placed at the side of the room, closer to where they were and began unwrapping the cloth. It revealed a few tools.

Nothing much, a rusted set of pliers, a dirty syringe with some purple liquid, a small hand saw, and a few other rusted, or dirty things.

Nashiro was filled with dread as she saw the demon, Tuba walking towards her with the syringe. She yanked Nashiro's arm and stabbed the syringe inside. Inserting the liquid, Nashiro felt like her insides were on fire, she let out a small shriek before biting her tongue to stop herself from letting out another noise. She would rather die than give that demon the satisfaction she wanted.

"Oh...... the poison has started showing its effects already. " Tuba held a maniacal grin on her face as she stared at the female, who was busy writhering in pain.

"Don't worry, this is only to prevent you from using your Blood Demon Art..... " Tuba looked at the tools while explaining, "... Ya know, this wouldn't have been happening if you had just stayed with The Lord. You should have listened to him. "

Nashiro, despite the pain glared at her, "Fu-fuck y-you, and that Bastard. Tell h-him to g-go fuck h-himself. "

Tuba looked at her, angry, "How dare you !!! ​​​​​​" Clutching the pliers in her hands, she turned to Nashiro and ripped out her right ear. Blood gushed out of her ear, trickling down Nashiro's chin as she let out a ear piercing scream. Tuba threw her ear to the ground and it started turning to ash. The ravenette panted as the adrenaline lessened the pain.

"Think before you talk, bitch.... " Tuba smirked at her, ".... Now who's ready for round two? "

                                                                               -Six Months-

Half a year had passed since Nashiro had been caged to this room. Half a year since she had been started getting tortured. It had been hell day and night for the female, but she never gave into her demon nature. Even Tuba said that she had to hand it to her, she most definitely had guts.

Along those six months Nashiro had been caged, she had been formulating an escape in her mind. And to help her out was her old maid, Naki. Naki had been helping her since the first day and even involved a few other demons to help her. Those demons were all the ones that Nashiro had been kind to.

After having been treated awfully by Muzan, Nashiro's kind nature had made them loyal to her, not out of fear but rather out of respect.

A soft sigh left Nashiro's chapped lips as today's torture session had finished. Now that so many days had passed with the same routine, she had gotten used to the pain. However that didn't mean that the pain disappeared, it was still there.

During those six months, Nashiro had gone through many mental illnesses. The worst was the voice that tortured her mentally. It evened showed its face to her. It looked like the splitting image of Nashiro, except that she had white hair. She would often mock Nashiro of her incompetence, talking about how she was unable to save anyone.

However something that disturbed her even more was the images of her family that she saw. They cursed her and mocked her, telling her how selfish she was for living while they all died. The only thing that kept her going was her wish to see Tanjirou and Giyuu.

She guessed that Tanjirou must have lived. He wasn't there at the massacre, so he must have lived. That is if Muzan hadn't killed him yet. As for Giyuu, she only hoped that he would have lived. His job was something that put his life on the line, everyday. However she assured herself that he was a Pillar. He must have lived.

Nashiro heard the paper door slide open, signaling her that it must have been either Naki or Zepushi, one of her comrades. She craned her neck and looked at the person entering, Naki. "Nashiro-sama, how are you doing? " Nashiro could only give her a crooked smile in return.

"I've talked to Zepushi about the escape...... " She whispered, before wiping Nashiro's face with the wet towel, "..... He said that almost all the preparations are made, we're just waiting for the right time. " Nashiro looked at her with slightly wide eyes, before whispering, "Thank you. "

Naki wiped her face, going from her forehead to her chin, before placing the dirty towel in the bucket and placing her unusually warm hands on Nashiro's cheek, "Do you know, Nashiro-sama, why I'm helping you? "

Nashiro looked surprised, before shaking her head, "When I was still human, I had a daughter. Her name was Mizumi. She was only ten, but she looked so much like you. When I first met you, I almost burst out into tears. You looked so much like her, and when I began looking after you, your kindness reminded me so much of her......... When you got your memories back, and when they took you, I took a vow to escape you out of here, no matter what. "

Nashiro looked at her with wide eyes, "Where is your daughter now? " Naki hung her head at this, "I......s-she.......I killed her......I didn't m-mean to.....b-but as a demon, I-I had no control whatsoever. T-that's why I plan on helping you, h-hoping to atone for my sin. " Nashiro looked at her sadly, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you remember that. "

Naki shook her head, "Its fine, but g-getting back to the topic, we need to arrange a date for your escape. However right now it's time for me to leave, so we shall discuss tomorrow. "

Both females smiled at each other.

               Unbeknownst to them, it was the last time they would smile with each other.


                                                                              Taisho Secret

Zepushi was turned into a demon at the age of 18 and Naki was turned into a demon at the age of 24. They both are pretty close and have a sister-brother bond with each other.

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