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Helping the woman up, Hibira asked her the most basic question, "Where is your husband? " She looked at me with an expression filled with pain before answering, "H-he.......h-he's away. He works a-as a m-merchant. " She finished with another scream.

The female demon made the woman lie down on the futon placed in the bedroom, however not before making the woman comfortable with several pillows around her. Once confirmed that she was comfortable, Hibira ordered softly, "Try not to push until I come back. " How she even knew this was out of her mind.

The woman shakily nodded as Hibira scurried off, running outside. She remembered seeing a water pump when she ran over here, and thus she grabbed a metal dish from the woman's kitchen on her way out.

She quickly placed the dish under the nozzle and started pumping, once filled, she positioned her hand in front of the ground and a pitch black fire erupted from it. It burned in the specific spot that she had decided and she quickly placed the dish onto the fire.

The fire didn't burn out like a normal one, probably because it wasn't normal, and in a few seconds the water was luke warm. She picked the dish up and ran inside to the woman, dish in hand, trying not to spill water.

She hurriedly looked in the closet and picked out the first set of towels that she saw. The woman was now at her limits, but Hibira had everything prepared, "Alright Miss, I want you to push however not too hard. "

Complying, the woman started pushing and Hibira placed her hands on the woman's stomach. She gently helped the woman push and continued to provide her with vocal support.

Soon the head of the child could be seen and all of a sudden Hibira was hit with a mild headache. Pushing her condition aside, she focused on the woman and her soon-to-be born child.

"You're doing great Miss. Please continue to push. I'm sure your husband will be proud. " At the mention of her husband, the woman was filled with determination, That's right, Kazuki will be so thrilled. I must do my best.

Slowly by slowly, the child's shoulder could be seen and the umbilical cord too. Everything was going smoothly and after a while of pushing and determined screams, the baby was out.

Hibira held the baby as she quickly dampened the towels and cleaned the baby with the warmly wet towels. The female demon could not hear or feel the baby breathing. Feeling uncomfortable, she quickly placed her hand on the child's chest and tried to feel it's heartbeat.

Nothing......... not a single heartbeat. The woman, now having heard nothing from Hibira, begged her to tell her something about her child. The ravenette quickly tried to perform basic CPR on the child but no avail. She felt helpless, knowing that the child was not breathing.

A few seconds had passed and the woman's eyes were flooded with tears as she realized that her child wasn't even alive. However all of a sudden Hibira heard a small whimper from the child. The whimper slowly turned into soft cries. Hibira stared at the baby with wide eyes as she slowly turned to the woman. Her lips curled into a large grin as a weird yet nostalgic feeling spread in he chest. It was nice, warm feeling.

Life is precious. Was the only thought that resonated in her mind. She felt as if she was seeing a familiar scene all over again. Moving quickly, she continued to clean the child with the wet towel and then proceeded to wrap the baby in a dry towel.

She handed the child to the woman and decided to get up and clean the place. The woman was smothering the child with kisses and kept on whispering thank you like a mantra.

Just as Hibira was about to get up, she was hit with a headache, yet again. However this time it was much worse. She tightly clutched her head in her hands as voices echoed in her mind.

                                                 ​"​​​Big sis !!! Big sis !!! Can I sleep with you tonight ?!? "

                                                                          "Big sis, read me a story. "

                                                                                      "Nashiro........ "

                                                                            "Will you marry me? "

Everything was jumbled up in her mind and the voices weren't of any help. Her head was starting to hurt like hell and the concerned voices of the woman were drained out from her ears.

                                                       It hurts so much...........I want to die already.










Feeling the pain becoming too much for her to handle, she fainted, however she caught a glimpse of someone arriving at the house. His coat fluttered in the wind and his blood red eyes seemed to stare directly into her soul.

Muzan. Nothing good could ever last as long as that man existed. He was the reason why her family was dead. Why several families were dead. That man.......the nerve of that man. He kept her with him this whole time.

Six months. Six fucking months of staying with the murderer of her family. He took her memories and continued to play with her. Everything was starting to make sense. Every time she had a headache, he forced her to eat. Eat human flesh. So that she would lose her humanity and become his weapon. His pawn in this sick game he was playing.

He made her sick and while she continued to silently curse him paired with the head-crushing headache, she heard the screams of the woman and her child as Hibira, now known as Nashiro laid helplessly on the wooden tatami floor.

She felt weak, after all she couldn't save her family and now she couldn't even save the mother and her child.

Now as she laid in the pool of blood of the two innocent people, a single whisper escaped her lips, "Giyuu..... "

She woke up, only to feel the urge to die.

                                                                                      Taisho Secret

Muzan, in front of Hibira, is a complete gentleman. Although she does not harbour any feelings for him, she still considers him a wonderful friend.

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