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Nashiro had a bad feeling about today. It was the same churning feeling she had the day her family was massacred. It didn't help that Tuba was late today, not that she enjoyed getting tortured but the last time she was late........... Nashiro ended up with centipedes in her ears.

And then, all of a sudden she heard the door violently slide open. She heard something fall on the ground with a 'thud ' sound, that resonated in the room. Her blind fold was removed and she met the teary eyes of Naki and Zepushi. Her ruby eyes widened as Tuba appeared in front of her, arms crossed and eyes held a dangerous glint.

"These were the two, weren't they......... who dare to betray the Lord. " Tuba's voice held hostility towards Nashiro as the wine eyed demon stared at her.

An angry growl left Nashiro's throat, "Let them go...... they have nothing to do with me..... " .

Tuba smirked at this, "Really........ then I suppose my ears were ringing when I heard about your little escape plan yesterday. "

Nashiro let out an alarming hiss, "Tuba......... Let Them Go. Whatever you heard had nothing to do with them........... "

"I'm not asking for excuses, I know what I heard............. Now, be a good girl and pick one of them. " Nashiro was confused, "What...... what do you mean? "

"Isn't it obvious, choose one........ the other one gets to die, so choose wisely. " Tuba held the same mocking smirk as always, she really did love messing her up.

The ravenette's eyes widened, "W-what.......... N-NO........ NO ONE. What's wrong with you?! " Nashiro yelled out, looking frustrated.

"I'll show these two just how kind you are. Isn't that the reason why they decided to betray the Lord? " Tuba hissed out, starting to get impatient, "If you don't hurry, then I'm gonna kill both of 'em. "

"No please!!!! Just kill me........ don't hurt them. " At this point, the urge to see Giyuu and Tanjirou was thrown out the window as the only thing left in her mind was her concern for her comrades' lives.

"No Nashiro-sama !!!!!! Don't do this !!!!!! " Naki and Zepushi yelled out, desperate to sacrifice themselves for their beloved Nashiro-sama.

"Oh please, spare me your sentimental nonsense. This is making me sick. " Tuba spat out, rolling her eyes, "Alright, time's up. "

Tuba pulled out a familiar purple syringe and stabbed Zepushi in his arm. In mere seconds, he began writhering on the ground in pain. Screams of pain left his throat as only in a few seconds he died and started turning to ash.

Both his comrades screamed, begging Tuba but all their pleas fell to deaf ears as she grabbed another syringe, "Hey Naki......... Didn't you say that your daughter's dead? Well, I'm about to send ya right back to her. "

Nashiro kept begging and yanking on the chains as Naki was stabbed by the same liquid. Naki let out a ear piercing scream as she began writhering on the ground. Turning around on the floor, she begged for the pain to stop.

Nashiro watched with tear filled eyes as the only people who cared for her in this hellhole, died right in front of her.

'​​​​​​This only happened because they were affiliated with you. ' A woman who looked like the splitting image of Nashiro except with white hair, looked at the chained up Nashiro. 'You do realize that everyone that ever knew you, died just because they knew you............ because you couldn't protect them............ "

Nashiro stared with wide eyes as she violently shook her head, "That isn't true........ It isn't.............. Giyuu and Tanjirou are still alive....... "

The woman stared at her with fake sympathy, 'How do you know......... maybe Muzan killed them after your capture......... '

Nashiro began hyperventilating as she continued to shake violently and cry desperately, repeatedly chanting, "This isn't true, this isn't true, this isn't true. "

The woman glared at her, 'Look at yourself........... Pathetic. At this rate, not only are you going to loose your own life, but also become a weapon for Muzan......... "

Nashiro didn't look up as she continued to cry. The woman's glare softened and her lips curled up into a soft smile. She gently lifted Nashiro's face by holding her chin, 'Give into me......... Let me in and take control......... I promise to protect you. '

Nashiro stopped crying and looked at her, finding herself staring into the same ruby eyes as herself, "W-wha........... " Only a soft sound left out of her mouth, 'Just give in........... your sanity isn't worth all the lives of those innocent people. ' The woman teased Nashiro, hugging her chained body.

Suddenly the image of Giyuu telling her his hatred for demons, popped up in her mind, "But....... if I become a demon............ won't I be betraying Giyuu? "

The woman's grip tightened around her, 'That is...... if he's alive..... After all, you can't do anything without me........ because you're weak and I'm strong.......... Isn't it natural for the strong to protect the weak....... '

Nashiro's breathing hitched, and suddenly her face contoured into that of anger, "I......... I'm not weak. "

Nashiro lunged at the woman, breaking her chains in the process, "I'm not weak............. I don't need you........ I just.... Just need your power........ not you. "

She began ripping the woman's flesh apart, devouring it in the process, all the while the woman begged for Nashiro to let her go, "Won't you give me your strength? " Nashiro slurred out, blood pouring out of her mouth.

Nashiro ripped her apart, making her unrecognizable. A few seconds later Nashiro came to her senses, tears falling out of her eyes as she stared at the mess underneath her. Hiccups left her throat as she was unable to form any words.

'​​​​​​'Nashiro "

She heard a voice, a voice so familiar that she began crying violently.

There he was............ Giyuu, right in front if her. He wasn't one to smile, but you could see the slightest curling up of the sides of his lips. He pulled her shaking frame into his strong arms and held her closely, "G-giyuu...... I-I.... didn't...... I didn't.... "

Giyuu only held her tightly and didn't waver. She looked back to see the bloody mess, only to find nothing. Both of them were now surrounded by a colorful meadow. Butterflies flew around them and the flowing breeze made the flowers dance. Colorful flowers surrounded them as Nashiro saw 8 humanoid figures approach them.

The figures turned into her family, Father, Mother, Tanjirou, Nezuko, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, Rokuta, all of them were present. They surrounded the both of them and held soft smiles on their faces.

Nashiro began to cry as she returned Giyuu's embrace. It was the most peace of mind she had since her capture.

Unbeknownst to her, her grotesque demonic form continued to wreck havoc in the Infinity Dimension Fortress, continuing to kill several Lower Moon Demons.


                                                                                   Taisho Secret

Nashiro, in her demonic form, had managed to kill all Lower Moons, except for Rui. The current Lower Moons are their replacement.

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