Loved One Lost

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News of the death of Giyuu's fiancee had spread like wild fire among the Pillars. When they first heard of the news, they had a hard time believing it. Of all people, why did it have to happen to the poor Water Pillar.

Sure, most Pillars hated his guts but when Oyakata-sama had informed that he would be getting married, all of the pillars felt a weird happiness inside them. It was probably because they were well aware that the Water Pillar had gone through some painful stuff in his past. They were hoping that maybe one of the Pillars finally had gained another chance at life.

Many Pillars came to Giyuu to console him, but the ravenette had the same blank look on his face. To an outsider, they would most probably think that he didn't even care about his fiancee. But to the Pillars who had known the male for several years, knew well enough that the light that was starting to appear in his eyes after meeting his fiancee, had died out.

The Water Pillar was known to have a usually blank look. No one really expected him to cry or mourn. But they were well aware that the blue eyed male was most probably dying inside.

No one bothered him that day. Shinobu didn't tease him, Sanemi didn't curse him, Obanai didn't try to pick a fight with him, hell not even Kyojirou tried to talk to him. The aura he was oozing out, it was enough to make the Pillars know that something was wrong.

But then Oyakata-sama arrived and broke the news.

Yesterday, about a week before the New Year and about two months before the wedding of Giyuu and Nashiro, the Kamado family was found brutally murdered, with the exception of Kamado Tanjirou and Kamado Nezuko. Nashiro Kamado's body was nowhere to be found thus it was safe to assume that the demon that had attacked the family had most probably devoured her.

The Pillars fell in a deafening silence as all of them turned their attention to the Water Pillar, who had his head hung low the entire time. Oyakata-sama had offered his condolences to him and he humbly accepted.

No other words were spoken from the ravenette on that day, even when the Pillars offered their condolences.


A week before had marked the first death anniversary of Nashiro. All the Pillars were gathered in the garden of the Ubuyashiki estate.

Shinobu seemed to be the first one to talk to the Water Pillar, "Ara Ara ~ Good Morning Tomioka-san. " She chirped at him, but her words were ignored by the male as he silently kicked a small pebble. The Pillars looked at him, all of them were quiet and pretty much everyone was trying to be careful with him, even the Insect Pillar. It was all due to a stunt that Giyuu tried to pull a few days prior.

The Water Pillar had tried to commit suicide. Apparently he tried to thrust his sword in his throat. Fortunately, the Flame Pillar was present nearby. It was a scene that the Flame Pillar couldn't forget even if he tried to.

"Caw Caw. The Water Pillar is nearby. Nearby, Caw !!! " Kyojirou had just finished his mission and had asked his crow if there were any other Demon Slayers nearby. Apparently it seemed that the Water Pillar was the only one who was near him.

The dual color haired male ran in the forest as his crow continued to guide him towards the location. However Kyojirou surely wasn't ready for what he saw.

Tomioka Giyuu had his sword pointing at his throat.

Kyojirou yelled out, "TOMIOKA-SAN, NO !!!!!!!! " The Water Pillar didn't even turn his head towards his direction. Then slowly Giyuu brought his sword closer and closer.

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