The Massacre

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              Breathing is hard. When you cry so much, it makes you realize that breathing is hard.

                                                                                   David Levithan

Nashiro neatly laid out the futon in the spare room of their house as the black haired male, 'Arima ' changed into the clothes that were given by her, to him. Of course he was in a different room, and when he entered, Nashiro almost had a heart attack.

He entered wearing the kimono given to him, looking over to her, he gave Nashiro a charming smile and thanked her, to which he received a shaky smile in return. The atmosphere became tense and Nashiro thanked God when her mother came to announce that dinner had been served.

The ruby eyed female immediately walked out of the room and released a breath she didn't know she had been holding. Calming her nerves, she walked over to her siblings room, only to find them in the same pile as she left them. Smiling, she one by one picked each of her siblings and laid them in their respective futons.

Nashiro may have a weak body, but that didn't stop her from helping her siblings sleep in a more comfortable position. It took quite some time, and by the time she had finished, her mother told her to make some tea for the mysterious businessman.

Complying with her mother's request, she walked over to the kitchen and started brewing the tea. Making the tea wasn't that hard, but what really unnerved her was the fact that she was supposed to also deliver the tea to the creepy man.

Swallowing her fear, Nashiro made sure not to spill any tea out the cup. She gently placed the tea in front of the man and gave him a weak smile, to which he smiled and thanked her.

Everything went smoothly until, "Excuse me miss. I'm sorry to bother you but can you accompany me for some time ??? I'm quite bored. " As soon as he said those words, Nashiro's mind shut off.

OhmygodwhatamIgoingtodohesgoingtokillmethenhesgonnahidemybodysonoonecanfinditohgodillnevergetmarriedand----, "Uhhh, Miss ?? " The man broke her out of her little trance, scaring her a bit.

"O-oh sorry, I u-um, s-sure, I can do that. " The man smiled brightly at her words and patted a seat next to him. Despite his gesture, she sat at least two feet away from him.

"I heard your mother calling you Nashiro, is that your name ?? " He questioned, to which the poor girl only nodded.

"I see....... that's a beautiful name. I'm Arima Mutsuki, pleasure to meet you. " The man introduced himself, despite being well aware of the fear that radiated off the girl.

After receiving no response, he started, "Nashiro-chan, have you ever heard of Hinokami Kagura Dance?? I heard that someone who practices it lives on this mountain. " The man questioned the frail female, hoping to get some information out of her, and the words she said next were surprising to him, "Hinokami ?!?!? Of course, actually........... I'm one of the users of Hinokami Kagura. It's been passed onto the eldest son in our family........ " She looked sad before continuing, "but our father fell sick and only managed to teach me before passing away, in hopes of me teaching it to my brother. " She finished with a sad smile.

The man looked surprised before saying, " I'm sorry for your loss. I hope his soul rests forever in heaven. " He apologized to her, making her feel guilty, "Oh no, it's quite has been long time since then. " She looked at the man in the eyes before he started, " Anyways, let's change the topic, do you have any hobbies ??? "

The ravenette female smiled, "Other than reading, I don't exactly have much to do than help around the house a bit. Mostly because I can't go out since I have a weak body. " She stated, before continuing, "I kinda feel useless, even though my mother tells me not to worry. I was always weak and could hardly move as a child. I couldn't play with kids my age and was always stuck in my room. I guess that's the only reason why I like reading, cause that's all I can do. " She finished with a soft sigh, glancing up at the male, she found him looking straight in her eyes.

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