A Mysterious Man

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                                      " No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear. "

                                                                                  C. S. Lewis

Snow gently fell on the ground, covering the whole landscape. The only thing visible in such a weather was the small, yet warm looking house. Outside, a burgundy haired male stood, staring at far away.

"Tanjirou. " A calm voice called out the said boy, who turned to look over at the owner of the voice; his mother.

"You have soot covering your face. Come over here. " The mother, Kie ordered the boy. Nodding happily, he walked over to her.

"Its snowing very hard. You don't have to go. " Kie said while wiping the young boy's face.

The boy enjoyed his mother's warmth before replying, "I want everyone to eat their fullest at New Years, besides isn't big sister's fiancee coming over for the first time? We're supposed to have a feast. " Tanjirou exclaimed to his mother.

Kie smiled softly, "Thank you. " Was all she said before two children ran over to them.

"Big Brother!!!! Are you going to the town!?!? I'm coming with you !!!!!! " A little girl, Hanako exclaimed, who was immediately shot down by her mother.

"You may not. " Kie said calmly, making the other child, Shigeru ask, "But why not ?!?!? "

"Because you can't walk fast like Tanjirou. And he can't use the cart today, so he won't be able to give you a ride back home when you're tired. " The mother explained, making both the siblings turn to their older brother instead. During this moment, their brother, Takeo had shown up, hatchet in hand.

"Big Brother, I promise I'll help you !!!!! " Hanako exclaimed, small tears starting to form in her eyes. Shigeru nodded in agreement.

Smiling at his younger siblings, he started, "Hanako, Shigeru, thank you--", turning to his younger sister, "-- I promise I'll read with you and Big Sister when I come back. "

Now turning to his younger brother, "And I promise to bring you lots of goodies. " Kie smiled at their interactions, realizing just how much Tanjirou had grown.

Finally looking over to his other younger brother, Takeo, he requested, "Takeo, can you chop up as many wood as you can?? " The said boy looked a bit hesitant before starting, "I'll do it, but I was hoping that we could do it together. " He said, looking embarrassed.

Tanjirou walked over to him, then started patting his head, "There, there ". The poor boy started blushing in embarrassment, " S-stop it !!!! " Apparently the younger siblings caught on his blush and teased him for it, " Take, you're blushing !!!!! " Shigeru exclaimed, to whom Takeo immediately replied to, "S-shut up !!! "

This didn't exactly made Tanjirou stop, instead it made him rub his head even more, much to the younger brother's protests. It wasn't until a gentle voice called them out, " Oh dear, what's going on ??? " The women who called out finally came into view. Needless to say, she was indeed quite beautiful.

She had long black hair the cascaded down her back, reaching her thighs. It was cut neatly into a hime cut. Her ruby red eyes, that were framed by thick lashes, complimented her snow white skin. Her blood red lips etched into a soft smile. Her frame was loosely hugged by a thick kimono, with a flower pattern, all of different colors.

The girl, Nashiro, wiped her hands with a cloth before smiling. Tanjirou immediately brightened up, "Big Sister !!!!! " He exclaimed, happy to see his favorite sister before leaving for town.

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