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I completely love the song, Who you love from John Mayer. It just came on and it gave me some good ideas for the chapter <3

Enjoy ~kat


Juvia followed behind Erza and Lucy. The other girls chatted happily and tried to include her in the conversation but poor Juvia just couldn't keep up with the topics. She smiled often masking her pain. Eventually they stopped asking Juvia what was wrong, convinced by Juvia's smile. Even Juvia, fooled herself for a while. 

Lucy started boasting about the chocolate that Natsu bought her recently and Erza was shyly talking about the cake that Jellal and her ate together yesterday. Juvia was happy for them, though she wished she could join in the conversation with something about Gray and her.

She thought to herself, 'Maybe Juvia should give a gift to Gray-sama. Yes! Juvia could pick flowers for Gray-sama and apologize for yesterday!'

She started daydreaming and smiling in hope. Erza looked back at Juvia who was busy in her own thoughts smiling and Erza smiled. She was glad that Juvia was better.


Juvia suddenly facepalmed herself and blushed. She realized she doesn't know Gray's favorite kind of flowers. She pulled on Lucy's sleeve slightly, blushing.

"What's wrong Juvia?" Lucy asked and they all stopped walking.

'Nothing..', Juvia thought. All she did was Blush really hard and shake her head no.

Lucy smirked assuming the blush was over something worth good gossip.

"Well, what is it?" Erza grinned.

"W-well.. W-what is G-Gray-sama's f-favorite flower?" Juvia half mumbled.

Lucy tried to hold back her squeal, "Oh! I saw him looking at the white daisies in that little flower shop near the Guild!" She replied happily and Erza nodded in agreement. "But, Natsu saw him do it and they fought almost destroying the place. So, they got kicked out." Their sweat dropped.

After the girls spent most of the money they had on random articles of clothing.. and armor.. They split apart and said goodbye.

Juvia was pretty much skipping to the dorms. She was excited and came up with a great idea for Gray.


She bolted through her door and threw her bags on her bed. She sat at her desk and looked up at the clock above her, 4:36. "Erza said the flower lady closed her shop at 7 so Juvia has lots of time to get them and give them to Gray-sama!" She blushed.

She pulled open the first of three drawers on the side of her white desk and pulled out a single piece of blue construction paper. Juvia cut it into a small rectangle and snatched a black pen out of a small snowflake bowl she kept them in.

She wrote Dear Gray, and decided against the sama... 'Juvia shouldn't write it in third person also..' She thought to herself and frowned deeply. She thought about yesterday and what Gray had said to her..

~flash back to yesterday~

Mira was pushing Juvia out the door, "Now go to the park and wait there! I'll get him to meet you. You better not chicken out Juvia, you can confess to him I know you can!"

"B-but Juvia has already confessed to Gray-sama! A-and he refused Juvia! What if Juvia makes Gray-sama angry?" Juvia was blushing madly and frowning with no hope.

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