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Hey guys, welcome to my Gruvia fanfiction! I hope you like it ~ ^0^

I do not own fairytail or any of the characters in the story!!!



A blue haired girl crouches with her head in between her legs and her arms wrapped around herself. Her back is leaning against the soggy bark of a mossy tree and she I soaked head to toe. The canopy of thriving green leaves above her do nothing to shield her from the whisking down pour of rain.

Of course with her water element magic, the water soaking her is the most comforting feeling she can find right now. She shakes slightly. Not because of the freezing cold water that surrounds her but from her strained heart; that has once again been spread across the floor of her guild and stomped on by the one who means the most to Juvia.

It often rains when she cries. Though she doesn't mind. Juvia's tears can be masked in the rain. Not that anyone usually notices except for when she floods the guild with her tears. Even then it's only noticed out of annoyance.

She shook harder and lifted her face to face the droplets of water breaking through the branches above. 'What can Juvia do?' She thought. 'Juvia messes everything up. Juvia is useless to fairytail. Juvia is useless to Gray-sama!' She continued ranting about herself. More salty tears swelled up in her eyes and travelled down her face along with the rain.

She looked up at the grey, darkening sky and figured that she has been there for some amount of hours. Frowning deeply to herself she struggles to get back onto her feet and reaches for the tree to steady herself, her hand slips on the moss and Juvia lands, elbows first, into a mud puddle.

"Ugh, Juvia must be cursed. Yes. Juvia is cursed. Bad luck!" She mumbles out loud and pulls herself onto her feet again, knowing better then to use the tree. She snatches her hat off the ground.

She runs her hands threw her wet blue locks of hair and twisted it up under her hat before slugging across town to her apartment.


Once inside the fairytail dorms for the girls she made sure to try to remove as much of the dripping water from her as she could to keep from leaving a trail. She really didn't want Erza to ask what happened again because she threatens her Gray-sama.

Once she got into her apartment she stripped down and pulled her blue floral robe on.

Her favorite color is blue, almost everything in her room is blue. A bunch of different shades too. Her carpet is white though. Her walls are a dark blue and most of her decorations are light blue; like her curtains and bed sheets. Lucy and Levi helped her decorate when she moved in and Juvia was very happy about it.

She grabbed one of her dolls and walked over to her bed, pulling the covers back and tucking herself in. She thought about what it would be like to have gray next to her as she stared at her doll on the other pillow, facing her. Juvia fell asleep faster then she usually does, she was exhausted.

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