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Thank you for readin my fanfic for one of my fav anime ships <3 Im really trying to get it out there cause Im really proud with how this one turned out, so please vote and add to ur lists. Thank you ~kat


Juvia approached the guild doors holding the lilies. She looked at them and took a couple long breaths before hiding the lilies behind her back and marching threw the doors. 

When she first came in no one realized her and she happily sighed. She saw Gray sitting at the bar shouting insults back and forth with Natsu. She started shaking but walked towards him anyways. When Natsu saw me he smiled, "Looks like you have company, Ice Princess!" He said before walking to Lucy and the other girls.

"Wha-" Gray started before I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and for a second Juvia thought she saw him blush. "J-Juvia." He stuttered not expecting to see her after his rude performance yesterday. 

"Ju- I wanted to say.. J- I am sorry for yesterday, Gray.s.."  She struggled to not speak her usual. He just blinked a few times in disbelief. 

"Juvia did you just speak in first person?" She nodded. "Wait! Did you just say you are sorry!?" He yelled in confusion. 

She gripped the lilies behind her trying not to break. The other guild members were whispering and Gray noticed. He started blushing and was annoyed at the attention. 

"Juvia not now! Okay, people are staring at us.." He tried to shoe her away.

"B-but Gray-s.. I need to-"




She felt a tear break free and he was looking at all the people around us, fuming.

"FINE. You're an asshole Gray! Never talk to me again!" She screamed at him and everyone went silent in disbelief. She whipped the lilies out from behind her and at his face before shoving threw the crowd and out of the doors.

Gray was knocked onto the ground by the flowers hitting his face. He was pissed until he saw the crumpled white lilies on his lap. 'She got these for me..'. he saw the blue paper and read her note before grabbing the lilies and rushing out the door after Juvia.

Everyone was too shocked to even say anything until they left. 


As soon as he walked out of the doors it was pouring. The rain was ice cold and coming down in buckets. He ran anyway. He ran hard and screamed for Juvia. He screamed as loud and ran as fast as he could for her.

Though, he was unaware that he was running in the wrong direction. 

Juvia was aslo running with all her might, tears falling as fast as the rain. She caused it to rain again, she was sure of it. 'Because Juvia is bad luck. Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck! Juvia is hated now. Gray-sama will hate Juvia after what she said to him!' She cried harder and started choking on her own tears.

She ended up at the park. Her feet splashed through puddles and she tripped often. Eventually she started turning around well running to see if she was followed. She turned again and her legs hit hard rock and before she knew it she was in the fountain where she originally tried to confess yesterday. 'Right where Juvia messed it all up.' She almost laughed at the Irony. 

She was sore, hurt, angry at herself and broken-hearted. She decided to give up and melted down right in the fountain. She didn't bother hiding herself, for she was sure no one would care to look.

She cried, she screamed, she hugged herself in the cold water and eventually jut sat there not sure what to do with herself as she was pelted with rain.

"Juvia tried so hard to be hopeful. Juvia tried so hard. " She said to her reflection and stared at it as the rain eventually slowed to a dribble.

She started shivering for real. "I love you Gray..." She said to the air and tried to wipe away her tears. 

That's when she heard splashes and she was yanked up out of the water. She looked up into the eyes of Gray. He was soaked, his shirt was pretty much hanging off and he was out of breath, gasping. "Thank for the lilies.." He said in between gasps and Juvia saw the lilies torn apart in his hands. She smiled and looked back up at his face.

His hand went to the back of her neck and he pressed his lips against her's.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. She felt warm all of a sudden. The pain stopped and she felt better then she ever has. He slowly went to pull away but she wrapped her arms around him and closed the space between their lips once again. They kissed there in the fountain, both soaked to the bone.

Once they broke away for breath they both blushed deeply and smiled at each other.

"Juvia, I am so sorry for what I said to you! I was denying everything and was angry at myself, not you." She smiled and tears streamed down her face. His face was shocked and he panicked, "Why are you crying? Did I do something wrong? Please, Juv-" She shut him up with a soft and brief kiss. 

"Juvia cannot believe Gray came after Juvia. Juvia thought Gray hated me."

He put his hand on her face quickly, "You are perfect Juvia. I could never hate you!" She started crying harder. 

Before he could speak she put her finger over his mouth shushing him. "Juvia is happy. Juvia loves Gray."

He smiled, "I know."

"Hey, Juvia?"

"Yes, Gray-sama?"

"I love you too."

She knocked him back into the pool of water, hugging him tightly. Though they didn't care about the cold water anymore. They were out of the rain and had each other.

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