The Apprentice Girl Q&A!

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Hey everyone and welcome to The Apprentice Girl Q&A page! Here I will be answering any questions you might have regarding the book! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or on the page before!

Without further ado, here are some Question and Answers from you!


I'm going to link these two questions together since they basically ask the same thing. 

Q. Asked by KateMorrell1 - Would you consider making a sequel? I'm dying to know what happens next with Rosie and Robert! I'm not ready to let them go!

Q. Asked by V-thesweetpotato - After the prequel are you thinking of continuing the series maybe?

A. I'll be honest and say that the idea of writing a sequel hasn't crossed my mind recently. When I started the series, I had three set stories in mind and the Prequel was just an additional extra to explore Rosie's life in the factory a little more. I feel you, I don't want to say goodbye to Robert and Rosie either, but I have no ideas for a potential fourth book or their story beyond the final chapter. 

However, I'm not ruling it out completly. I have a couple of ideas for future stories set around the turn of the century and I'll be lying if I said the idea of having Robert and Rosie featured hasn't crossed my mind at least once. There is also the possibility of a short story or something a little later down the line - perhaps even a Christmas short story - that is set a little bit beyond the main story. 

To put it simply, as of right now I have no plans for a fourth book in the main series, but I'm not ruling it out completely and if I do, you'll be the first to know!


Q. Asked by Yoena321 - How did you remember so many character names?

A. Truth is, I don't xD There were several times I was writing the story and realised a character had been mentioned in ages, or I gave them the wrong name, or whatever. The main cast, I remember, but the others I don't. I even get the character names confused and write the name of a character from a different book altogether. 

Some characters just disappear xD Sarah, Jack, even Matthew just vanished. Too many characters, not enough words

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