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Suddenly on a Leash  (1) by SugarSugarHeart
Suddenly on a Leash (1)by SugarSugarHeart
Ayano was on her way to her best friend Haruka's house, when, before her very eyes, she is in a bus accident, falling deep into the water. In desperation, she calls for...
The Cold Floor by Elizabeth-Senpie
The Cold Floorby 💀PsychoPath 🔪
A teenage boy is sold to a man named Jaxon Marshall one of the world's best business men. The boy can't remember anything about his past life from a amseia. Will he reg...
Tensura x  Fate Grand Order by Cartoontv7
Tensura x Fate Grand Orderby Cartoon tv
rimuru is summoned in the fate grand order as a servent what type of fights await him and how will he save humanity to know more read the series i donot own any of the...
Eclipse X Y/N Ruler Of My Heart by Catsrbezts
Eclipse X Y/N Ruler Of My Heartby Blood_Lusty52
Hello everyone, this is my first storyline that I will be doing and if you enjoy it, I may consider doing more like this. The Story Begins with you just waking up, from...
Cinderella; A Retelling by Waterbottle080808
Cinderella; A Retellingby water
After the lose her last parent, her father, Ella is left with a stepmother, Lady Tremain, and two stepsisters, Anastaisa and Drizella. Ella lives by the words of her mot...
The Apprentice Girl // Book 3 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Apprentice Girl // Book 3 in Amelia Harper
A month after leaving her life as the Ealing's scullery maid, fourteen-year-old Rosie Grey had to go back home without so much as a reference. Her brother helps her star...
Forced Love?? by RainimatorSimp
Forced Love??by RainimatorSimp
Rain the dragon tamer is known as a ruthless man who you never wish to cross paths with....until he finds stella the enchantress descended of ceris the matriarch. He fal...
the new gold king by scorch1000
the new gold kingby scorch1000
Expelled by beacon, hated and abandoned by staff, his team and friends, disowned by his family all because of a selfish cowardly bully, jaune wander the emerald forest...
◃◃▲ Bloody Love ▲▹▹ by Shootingstarwizzard
◃◃▲ Bloody Love ▲▹▹by B.T.H
Oº°'¨Vampire! Yugi Tsukasa x Reader¨'°ºO ╔♫═╗ ❝I wonder your blood would be taste like? Sweet? Or fishy?❞ ❝ Why does he look like Hanako-s...
merthur: a kiss in the moonlight  by mfwithadhd
merthur: a kiss in the moonlight by mfwithadhd
short fluffy story abt merlin and arthur dancing around their feelings towards each other before coming to their senses 🤘🤘
Cancel My 2 O'clock by laminatedjellybean
Cancel My 2 O'clockby laminatedjellybean .
Alex Whitte was about to seal the biggest deal of his career- now he is in hell. Literally. Summoned to do the bidding of a small demon he calls Beu, Alex has to try an...
✰•.|Wealth|.•✰ |Tomboo| by Y0ur_1lln3ss
✰•.|Wealth|.•✰ |Tomboo|by 🕷🕸+Max+🕸🕷
Ranboo is a 18 year old boy. His family is extremely wealthy, I'm talking billions. Ranboo wasn't super snobby like the other rich kids, and convinced his dad to let h...
It had to be me. by WritingGeek07
It had to be WritingGeek07
When Lily Roberts, of the noble line of Roberts, aquires a new maid, its not quite what she expects.
Never Too Late by val__hez
Never Too Lateby val__hez
-it's never too late to fix your mistakes. Jennifer was her name. But she preferred Jenna. Of course like any princess she lived in a castle. But unlike a princess she i...
Just Another Cinderella Story (A lil Nas X love story) by il0veyunh0
Just Another Cinderella Story (A #1 Yunho Enthusiast
After his mother and father bleed to death by the ears from listening to Dance Monkey for 10 hours straight, Lil Nas X is left with his cruel Step Father and Step sister...
Your Personal Servent // 5SOS by 5sosSnowBunny
Your Personal Servent // 5SOSby 5sosSnowBunny
Here at Y.P.S. You can choose any girl /boy you'd like to be your maid. She does what ever you tell her/him to do or say. If you would like you can get the extra pack. W...
"So... Honestly. Do you like me?" Ciel x Alois. by 1TheSmutQueen1
"So... Honestly. Do you like me?" 1TheSmutQueen1
Ciel is tired, he just wants to sleep. But, as it turns out, Trancy had other plans. 1 Crash, 2 bangs, lots of tears, some hugging, one annoyed Ciel, and a partridge in...
The Dolls by DollMaker268
The Dollsby Luna
Victoria is the servant of a insane (And insanely rich.) man who makes dolls out of humans. Who will be next to survive the hands of this doll maker.