Will and Testament

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First Chapter to be posted Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

The book is officially up on my profile so make sure you add it to your reading list so you catch the first update when it goes up next week! Below is the Summary for the book and what you can expect!


A trip to the beach and a paddle in the sea is fourteen-year-old Isabel Ealing's idea of bliss.

Isabel's mother, having grown up in a factory and been deprived of a normal childhood, tries to give Isabel the best the world can offer a teenage girl, but there are some things she can't hide her from. After a spontaneous trip to the seaside, they discover that the White Star Liner, RMS Titanic has sunk with Isabel's grandfather on board.

Dealing with grief is one thing, but when Isabel's estranged grandmother arrives, she has to deal with old grudges rising to the surface. When her grandfather's Will is unearthed, everything Isabel knows starts to crumble down around her.

With something feeling off, Isabel must fight to ensure the life her mother worked so hard for doesn't vanish forever.

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