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Before a made it home, I stopped at a local coffee shop and bought myself a Caramel ice coffee and dad a large black coffee. Disgusting but he likes it.

I would've bought the others something but it's 8am on a Saturday morning, they'll sleep till noon.

Walking in through the garage, I put my board down and headed to the kitchen.

When I walked through the doors I looked around and saw Dad and Kason, ugh.

"Good morning Pops, Kason" I hand my dad his coffee and nod at pride and prejudice. Moving across the kitchen, I grabbed some strawberries from the fridge.

"Good morning principessa" my dad sips his coffee.

"Good morning Athena" I still don't like him, the way my stomach churns in his presence is a red flag.

"Ill see you when the dorks wake up" I walked out the kitchen and went to my room.

I changed into something comfortable then jumped on my bed with Hades.

Putting on Netflix, I suddenly getting hit with an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. Cuddling Hades closer, I fall asleep.


~I woke up cold.

Looking around, I wasn't in my room anymore I was in a cellar? What the fuck..

"Wake up bitch, young boss is here" I felt I sharp kick to my side and pain spread through the rest of my body.

No. No no no no no we made it out of here, I'm with my dad and brothers- why am I here?

"I won't repeat myself"

Sitting up, I watch as asshole walks in with three guards. Them holding Bellamy, Neptune, and Killian who were all currently passed out.

"Remember that this is your fault sunflower. YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD LEAVE ME."

"I'm not your fucking property Maddox." I said while I stood up.

He walked over to me fast, gripping my jaw tightly.

"You'll be what ever the hell I say you are." I spat in his face.

Throwing me to the floor, he motioned to the guards, one brought a gun to Killian's head.

No no not this please god no.

"Now make a decision, be with me or your friend can pay with his life." Fucking psychopath.

"Okay okay! Fine I'll stop fighting no one has to get hurt!" I watch as the guard lays his finger on the trigger.

"Maddox subsisto placet!" (Maddox stop please) I begged in Latin.

Then he turned around, with the most psychotic look in his eye and a sinister smile, "Nunc quid faciam quod infants?" (Now why would I do that baby?)

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