Night School (PART II)(Laito's Lemon)

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    Ok it's explanation time so......... I'm in deep shit if I can't find something to change the topic emm......what the fuck do I do(readers help me what should i do). Umm ok I think I know what to do. Uhh ok guys I'm an idol I've been for two years and I did my face reveal the day before we got here so........
Well their reactions varied and Yui was pissed but the funny thing is she can't do shit about it. Shu had a slight smirk, while Reiji had this interesting cross between an impressed look and a smirk, Kanato had a smile and said could you sing for me sometime.he looked so cute and I said yes. Subaru had left and Laito was smirking and whispered something, I didn't really hear what he said but he left. Then I went to Reiji for my school schedule, I was in Laito and Subarus class and Yui was in Ayato and Kanatos class.
        I took a seat and noticed only I and Laito were here so I asked Laito if he had seen Subaru, but he said no, then he had a mischievous smirk and so did I. Laito asked why I was looking for Subaru, and I said no reason and looked away, thinking of ways to tease him, then he sat beside me and put his arms around me, and a particular thought came to mind, I am a dangerous flirt in all honesty. I crawled onto his lap and I faced him.

    So I sat on his lap and started to tease him a bit, he smirked and placed his hands on my waist and placed a finger under my chin and said "oh isn't melon chan being a naughty girl, and I bit my lip looking at him in a seductive way  my hands went to the back of his neck as I pushed my lips over his, then he pulled me into a deep kiss with his hands on my lap gently caressing my inner thigh making me moan a bit, he left my lips making his way down to my neck loosening the bow a bit. He bit and sucked on me the flesh on my neck, finding my sweet spot and making me moan a bit too loudly making him smirk then he bit into my neck drinking blood, laito though this was the best blood he had ever tasted he wanted more but he had to restrain himself he didn't want to hurt her because for some reason he seems to be attached to herHe wants to play that game so I grinded against his crotch a bit feeling him get hard and groan and I smirked. Then I felt his hands go under my skirt and make it's way to my underwear gently rubbing my clit through the fabric making me wet, I moaned and I couldn't help myself then he kissed me harder with more past and then he rubbed my clit faster till I came and I collapsed on his shoulder , then Subaru came in and I quickly went back to my seat.
   As Subaru walked in he sat in the corner  I just realized its it's been thirty minute and we hadn't had any class since we stepped into class, I was a bit bored so i decided to go to the library then I gave Laito and Subaru a peck on the Cheek Subaru was such a tsundere he blushed and then shouting "why did you do that , never touch me again". I knew he didn't really mean it because of how much he blushed so I left and went looking for the library to pass the time,  but it seems like I won't have a peaceful journey to the library 'cause have met up with some annoying cake-faced girls and the last person on earth I wanted to see..........................................  YUI

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