Back To Konoha! (chap 4)

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"talking with kurama thru mindlink"

_._._._._._ this means timeskip _._.

(Y/N) p.o.v 3 years later

The training with jiraiya-sensei went by fast. I now know how to summon the big toad and other strong jutsu. Kurama won't leave my side since I summond him and it was 3 years already. He's very overprotective. He used to be a cub, but he is bigger then a normal sized fox now(3,2 foot/1metre)...with 9 tails.

Also before I left tsunade, she gave me this really cute ninja outfit that was to big for me back then. (picture above but you can chose which color it is where the orange is (F/C) means favorite color). It's black and (F/C)!

Today is the day I go back to konoha. Well actually, I'm traveling for 3 weeks now and should be there soon. I can't wait to see naruto again!


3rd p.o.v

(Y/N) and Kurama were greeted by 2 sleeping chunins,izumo kamizuki and kotetsu hagane.

"so those are shinobis in konohagakure?" asked kurama while sweat dropping.

(Y/N) smiled and nodded "I better wake them up."

They walked up to them and stopped before them.

"water style:raging waves."Y/N made hand signs at speed of light. Water came out of their mouth and they aimed at the two shinobi. The, now wet, shinobi jumped up and took out kunais ready to attack at any moment. (Y/N) giggled. They took their hand in the other and holded them in front of her. Said ninja bowed to them
"My name is (Y/N) uzumaki-namikaze. I am coming back home from a 6 years long training and wish to see the hokage.". Both of the shinobi were shocked by their respectful mater. After recovering from the shock, they nodded and called an anbu. The anbu came and took Y/N and kurama to the hokage.


(Y/N) P.O.V

The Anbu knocked on the door and we heared a 'come in'. The Anbu heald the door opened for me and Kurama and we went thru it.

"kon'nichiwa(hello) jiji!" i smiled brightly and put my hands behind my back. He smiled at me back "welcome Back Y/N. Who is that?" his guard was up really high. I looked at kurama, to see him roll his eyes. "that's kurama! The nine tails. He won't hurt anybo-"

"if someone hurts them, I will not hesitate to attack them." kurama glared at the hokage. Jiji nodded and looked back at me. "I'll put you to the academy with naruto, if that's alright with you?" I smiled brightly at him and nodded. "alright. Your dismissed." I nodded and waved.


3rd p.o.v

Y/N and Kurama were walking to the ichiraku ramen shop. Not surprisingly, naruto was there as well.

Y/N p.o.v

"Naru!" I ran in ichiraku ramen shop and  I thrown myself on him. He fell off the chair, so we both were lying on the ground while I was hugging him.

"N-N/N!(your Nickname) your back!" naru hugged me back tightly.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too."

I stood up and helped him up as well. "I'm hungry, let's eat now!"

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