Time Flies!

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Ash was amazed how Kalos looked. 6 years was a huge difference. Lumiose City looked so futuristic. He was trying to guess what had happened but then the answer struck him like Pikachu's thunderbolt. It was Clemont! He must of became a successful inventor and made everything look so cool!

Ash: Wow! Science is amazing!

Pikachu: Chu Pikachu....

Ash decided he should probably pay a good old visit to Clemont's gym. He went and saw Clemont was battling a challenger with his Luxray. In the end the challenger was defeated and Clemont said he was welcome to come back. Then Clemont saw Ash and his face lit up.

Clemont: Ash! Pikachu! It's been a long time now! How have you guys been?

Ash: Everything is going well. Back at home, everything got boring so I decided to stop by Kalos again. Man, I didn't think so much would change.

Clemont: Yup! Thank me for all this Lumiose City changes. I invented some crazy but now modern things!

Ash: Wow! Science is amazing!

Pikachu: Chu Pikachu!

Ash: By the way, where's Bonnie?

Clemont: She should be at our house probably watching t.v. with Dedenne. Wanna swing by?

Ash: Sure thing!

Clemont: Ok then, I'll put Clembot in charge of the gym.

Clembot: *robotic voice* Hello Clemont. I will hold down the fort while you are gone.

Clemont: Thank you so much Clembot.

Clembot: Great to see you again Ash and Pikachu! You two look well!

Ash: Wow you remember us! Great to see you too Clembot!

Pikachu: Pika pi!

Clemont: Ok Ash and Pikachu, lets head down to my house!

So after a long walk from the Lumiose gym to Clemont's house, they were greeted by Clemont's dad, Meyer.

Meyer: Welcome home Clemont!

Clemont: Hiya dad.

Meyer: So how's the gym holding up for you son?

Clemont: Pretty good dad not bad.

Meyer: Oh! It's Ash! Very good to see you again.

Ash: Nice to see you again too!

Meyer: Oh! And of course your [stupid] Pikachu didn't evolve, did it?

Ash: Nope! My buddy likes the way it is! [and because I'm a noob] Right buddy?

Pikachu: Pika!

Meyer: That's great. By the way, Clemont? Where's that girl that was traveling with you 6 years ago? She was... Oh yeah your beautiful girlfriend right?

Clemont: *blushing* Dad it's not like that... We're just close friends remember? And she's not with us today. Just Ash and Pikachu.

Meyer: If you say so. Well Bonnie's in the room. Ash and Pikachu, you can certainly make yourselves at home!

Ash: Thanks!

Pikachu: Chu chu!

So while they were settling in, Ash was wondering what Meyer said. About the "beautiful" girl traveling with them 6 years ago. He had no memory her at all. He forgot about all the good times with her, but most of all, the fact they liked each other. He decided to ask Clemont.

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