Tiger Cubs

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Through the night and into morning, we made it to the castle. Eve was still healing. I picked her up in my arms, and I carried her to my room. I laid her down on the bed. I then changed into other clothes, that were clean. I left her in my room while the healers took care of her in till she woke up.

I walked down the hallway and I was attacked by my twin sisters, Jinger and Adde.

"No, please have mercy!" I said under their weight.

Both of them had my mother's blonde hair, but Jinger had blue eyes and Adde has brown eyes like our father.

"Daniel, we missed you." I changed into my tiger.

I growled at them, and they changed too. I chased after them to the gardens, where we played for awhile. As we were playing, realized someone was watching us.

I stopped playing and saw Eve. She was smiling at us. Before I could go over to her, when I was tackled by my sisters. I growled at them, and shoved them off of me. I then walked over to Eve...

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