Plane Ride

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A week had passed, I made sure to get in touch with the modeling company and my modeling agent. I also contacted my manager. Also my choreographer teacher because I would be missing a lot of dance classes. This might be nice. Maybe I could find some inspiration for another album or maybe even a cute short story or maybe just one song.The main cast got to sit in first class. Of course I got put next to Milo. They want us to spend the most time to really get us to bond. They all saw at the auditions that we both clearly have chemistry with each other. I'm just so awkward. I was going to get to spend four hours with Milo on a plane.

"So what do you want to do for four hours?" I asked.

"How about we go over the script?"

"Sounds like a good idea Milo!"

"Welcome to Seabrook. We're a perfectly planned community. We all have perfect homes, perfect clothes. The perfect life. Yep everything was perfect."

"Until it wasn't, who would have thought that an accident involving lime soda would set off the apocalypse."

"And when the contaminated green haze blew West people were not happy."

"Because it turned them into...zombies."

"That's right. ZOMBIES!"

"Brain eating..ZOMBIES! Dark and gory times."

"But we built a big barrier to protect us from the zombie hoards. Safe at last Seabrook could finally get back to our perfect lives."

"Well a lot has changed since they built the barrier fifty years ago. Science found a much better way to deal with zombies and you know what happened to those brain eating monsters? Well they still have to live on this side of the barrier but now they're awesome! I'm Zed and yeah I'm a zombie!"

We went over lines for about an hour and a half.

"Y/N we still have a while until we make it to Toronto, what do you want to do now?"

"How about we listen to some music?" I grabbed out my phone and AirPod Pro case. I gave him one AirPod and I put the other one in my ear. I went to my favorite music app called Musi (really recommend that app). I went to my favorite playlist and clicked on my favorite song which is 'Bad Liar' by Selena Gomez.

"I love Selena Gomez!" said Milo.

"I wasn't sure if you would like it."

"I've had a crush on her since like forever. So of course I would listen to her music."

"What is your favorite song?"

"Mine is 'Crush'."

"I love that song too! Honestly I was a little eleven year old dancing to that song. Her music is so good.''

"I know right!"

We listened to music from the band Wallows, the band Panic! At The Disco, the band 5SOS, Selena Gomez of course, and Melanie Martinez.  We watched a bit of the Marvel movie 'Iron Man' before falling asleep for about twenty minutes. Then we arrived to Toronto. Paul made sure to get us one of the best hotels. We were going to be staying at The Ritz-Carlton. It's super beautiful. The main cast (the Seabrook students) will be staying here. So the people that play the two leads, Eliza, Bonzo, Bucky, and the Acys. We were all getting separate rooms. But we had joining rooms. Like where there's a door connected to the room next to you. Kylee was the one I had joining rooms with. I have nothing against that. None of the main cast had to get their luggage. It was already in our rooms when we arrived. I unlocked my door looking speechless. The room was absolutely beautiful. I could get used to this. A huge bed to my self with a beautiful bathroom that has a huge tub and a really nice shower. The whole room smelled fresh and clean. Spotless room I must say. If a room could sparkle like on those animated shows this room would definitely sparkle. I heard a knock at the connected door.

"Hey roomie!"

"We're not roomies Kylee."

"I know but imagine it like a sleepover. This could be so much fun!"

"I guess you're right. We can stay up late and gossip and watch tv and tell scary stories and do each other's hair and paint nails. Oooo or we could go to the pool."

"But we don't have swimsuits."

"Well we should go shopping lets go!"

One Hour Later

"Y/N what do you think about this??"
She was wearing a blue one piece that had a zipper in the front.

"I like it Kylee. It looks good on you."

"Says the supermodel."

"I'm serious you're rocking it girl!"

"Now it's your turn Y/N"
I grabbed a black two piece it had white outlines.

"How do I look in this?"

"Y/N all the boys are gonna be staring at you in that swimsuit. You look stunning."

"Thanks Kylee. I guess I'll get this one."

That night the main cast went to a seafood called Zee Grill. I ordered some plain shrimp due to my diet. I knew if I broke the rules I would have to do an intense workout and I most definitely do not want to be exhausted. Everyone else had super fancy delicious food.

"So are you guys ready for the first day of running through lines and also choreography? Not to mention all the costumes" asked Milo with a big smile on his face.

"I'm mmmemcited" said Trevor while eating his food. We all started laughing.

"I think what he means to say is that he's excited" said Kylee.

"I think we're all excited" said Carla.

We enjoyed our food talking about tomorrow and a little bit of small talk when a little girl and an older woman approached our table.

"Is alright if my daughter gets a picture with you guys. She is just so excited for the movie!"

"Sure thing!" Said Milo.  All of us got out of our seats and surrounded the little girl to pose for three photos.

Two Hours Later

"Y/N why are you putting so much charcoal on my face??" asked Kylee.

"Uh because it's a face mask."

"How about we just go to the pool instead for tonight. The chlorine technically also gets rid of acne."

"Alright fine" I said throwing a wash cloth at her face. She washed off the charcoal I put on her face. She closed the door to the bathroom. I got dressed outside of the bathroom. I put on my jacket and put my phone and keycard into my jacket's pocket. I quickly put my hair in a ponytail and waited for Kylee. She came out of the bathroom and we both quietly headed towards the pool. We knew if we made too much sound we would alert our cast mates.

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