(1) Thank Me Later

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"WHO AM I?" I asked staring at the mirror in disbelief.

"You're asking this for the 100th time miss," the maid said desperately, "you're miss Charlotte Mia of the crescent kingdom."

My name is Charlotte...but I'm not the Charlotte I was?

Oh, maybe I should explain. Well I'm- was, Charlotte Alexis, a 16 year old orphan who was walking to school on an ordinary day.

I was crossing the street when suddenly a truck came out of no where driving fast towards me, and next thing I know-

I'm sitting down in this chair...in a beautiful wedding dress.

There's no other explanation, I was reincarnated or I am mentally insane. But, the memories seem so real the only thing to do was to believe they were memories of my past life.

I don't look that different from my past life though, all that has changed was my eye color, my acne is gone, and my hair looks longer.

I was fine with being reincarnated, and I guess married, though I wished I got to choose who I was marrying.

I mean I didn't have a love interest in my past life, so I was pretty excited to see who I would be sharing my new life with.

But when my maid said who I was marrying I flipped out.

"The archmage, Erza Durreal of the Durreal family, you are marrying him miss"

When I heard that name I felt chills run down my spine.

When I heard that name I felt chills run down my spine

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Ezra...how could I forget his name, he was the father of one of the most monstrous villains in all of the novels I've read. Even though he was incredibly hot ( according to the fan drawings) he was incredibly violent.

This then made me realized I was reincarnated into a novel called "the flower within"

It's a novel about a girl named Eliza, after she was sold to the Durreal family to revive her country's debt, she soon fell in love with the crown prince.

Though there was a big obstacle stopping their love, Xaviar Durreal.

Her fiancé ( or ex fiancé ) Xaviar Durreal was abusive and manipulative, basically a yandere. He was so obsessed with her and threatened to destroy her whole family, he was convinced he owned her due to her being sold to him.

He was so enraged when she fell in love with the prince that he attempted to overthrow the kingdom, thankfully he doesn't succeed, but sadly he kills the crown prince along with him.

The adorable crown prince!

I cried for a whole week when I read that ending....I just wanted Eliza and the crown prince to be together but Xaviar ruined it!

Now where do I come in? Good question... well...

I was a small extra who was killed! Not even during the novel but before the freaking novel even started!

I was killed in the prologue, how cruel!

When the maid said my name I didn't think I was reincarnated into this novel.

My name was mentioned once in the prologue, I forgot since I am very irrelevant in the novel.

I was poisoned on the day of my wedding day, which caused me to be bed ridden for months and I eventually died a slow painful death.

The worst part? My newly wedded husband knew about it and didn't even try to get the medicine to save me!

Erza despised me, and just wanted my assets for more power.

Such a greedy man.

My step son didn't help me either! Well, I might've bullied him a tad bit before I married his father but still no reason to not save me!

I sighed, rubbing my forehead to control the tears threatening to come out.

Why? Why am I so ill fated?

In my past life I was a poor orphan with no parents and now I'm my new life I'm going to be a side character dying a pitiful death!

Should I run away? No- I don't have any money to live on my own and I don't know a lot about the terrain of this new world.

Should I cancel the engagement? No-It's too late to back out now, if I cancel on the wedding day I will either be killed by Erza or be disowned for ruining my families honor.

Okay calm down Charlotte, just down eat or drink anything and you will live. For now, survive the night and see what happens. Then after if I live I will beg for their forgiveness and give them all my assets, run away, and live happily ever after.

No! I can't. Then I'll just be a witness to my precious baby, the crown prince, being murdered.

And poor Eliza will be so devastated.

What do I do what do I do?

"Miss don't cry, I know you're happy but you might ruin your makeup" my maid said while continuing to dab my tears.

These aren't tears of joy! These are tears of desperation and fear!

Wait. I have an idea.

If I can try to prevent my death, I can prevent the crown princes right? Maybe that's why I was reborn, to save the crown prince!

Yes, I'll raise Xaviar to be a kindhearted loving boy who treats women well. He probably became an abusive man because he was raised around a devil! Aka Ezra!

Then I'll prevent the marriage between him and Eliza!And then happily ever after!

"Yes!" I shouted standing up.

"W-Wait miss I'm not done-"

"We need to go it's almost time!" I said rushing to get out of here.

"M-Miss let me put your wedding veil on!" She said finally catching up to me, short of breath.

"I'm sorry, I'm just very excited," I said smiling at her."

Yes, I'm excited to be the savior of the villain and Male lead! They better thank me later.



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