02 ♪ Deal

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"be my girlfriend."

you didn't know how three words would want you to be swallowed up by the ground. this was the last thing you'd expect from the very same guy whose match you've ruined because of your stupid ringtone you set up as a joke.

"what?" you thought you've gone deaf for a moment, not believing his words. was he bipolar or something? you were sure he wanted to kill you just five minutes ago, but now he wanted you to be his girlfriend?

"don't get ahead of yerself, i only want'cha to be my fake girlfriend. nothin' more." he looked away, focusing his gaze on somewhere else apart from you. it was already dark out, the moonlight was the only thing that illuminated you allowing you to see, but you could swear you saw a light tint of pink spreading across his cheeks.

"and for what, exactly?" you crossed your arms, waiting for a proper answer from the blonde.

he lets out a heavy sigh. atsumu rested his hands on his hips, preparing to explain the whole thing to you. "those girls never stop pesterin' me. figured if i got myself a girlfriend it'd get rid of 'em." he shrugged, pointing at the gym where his fangirls once stood.

"rude." you muttered. he glared, hearing your insult. "i-i mean yeah! perfect plan!" you gave him a thumbs up together with a fake smile. you now believed what your friend had said about his attitude, he indeed had one and you sure weren't liking it.

"so?" he asked, waiting for your reply.

"so... you're asking me to fake date you?" he nods. "and if i don't?"

"have you forgotten what'cha did back there?" one of his brows rose up, his scowl deepening. "yer shitty ringtone made me lose the match, the last remaning point!" you had almost forgotten the lack of space between you two as his neck was mere centimeters away from your face from the height different the both of you had.

"ya don't wanna know what happened to the last guy who disrupted my performance." he smirked, which only made you gulp in fear remembering to never go on atsumu's bad side ever again.

"okay, okay i get it!" you pushed him away from you, overwhelmed by the distance you and he had. "i'll agree with this stupid plan..." your voice lowered.

"as you should." he huffed, finally stepping away from you. "what's yer name?"

"are you serious? you asked me to be your girlfriend and you don't even know my name?" you stared at him in disbelief. he just shrugged. you shook your head, "unbelievable."

"what, you famous or somethin'? i sure as hell have never seen you before."

"i had hoped it stayed that way forever." you mumbled. "it's [L/N] [Y/N]."

"[L/N], you new?" he tilted his head. atsumu had never seen the [H/C] haired girl before, and he was sure she wasn't a fangirl. if she was, she would've already fainted or screamed at the very fact of him just talking to her. but she didn't, she was normal. or so he hoped.

"...yeah. kinda? i just transferred this year." you answered. this was the very reason why you didn't know who atsumu was to begin with. sure you had heard that famous people were attending your school, but you didn't exactly know who. yuki, the only friend you've made since you started studying here, was the only one who's keeping you up to date and telling you facts about inarizaki high. she mentioned several times that her twin brother was a volleyball player, but you've never actually met him.

"wait, why me?" you asked before he could continue further with this whole plan of his. "you could've just chosen any other girl before me. y'know, like your fans? they'd happily agree i'm sure."

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