Nagito X (F) Reader {fluff}

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bROOOOOOO jesusuusususuudus blood nose much. Ahhh this one was cute to write.!If you have any requests be sure to tell me :))))))) sorry it's kinda short.....


I stood there asking Hajime for help.

" I don't know how to tell me." I whined. He smiled.

" w-well what do you like about her.?" I placed my hand on my chin...hmmmm.

"Well for starters, her smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on, her hair is just the cutest p-plus it looks suppppeerrr soft, she also." I rambled.


I sat there a watched as Nagito went on about Y/ DaMn he's talking more about her then he has ever with the hope stuff...I just continued to smile and nod.


"Ohh reallyyy."

"Oh yeah.?"


I glanced over Nagito's shoulder, watching as a particular girl slowly made her way over to us.
I felt a dark aura surround me...

" Sorry Nagito but what do you think about Y/n.?" I ask playing dumb. He looked at me as if I just shot him in the heart.

" have you really not been listening?!" I just nodded my head.

"Sheesh, well to sum it up."

Y/n was close enough to here him at this point. Perfect!

" I think I'm in love with Y/n." Nagito said putting his hand on his hip and looking at his hand. I watched as the h/c girl froze up.


"I think I'm in love with Y/n."

I felt my hole body tense up...heat rushing to my face. H-He j-j-just said t-that.? My eyes made contact with Hajime. He gave me a wink and ran off.

"H-huh?" Nagito watched as the spiky haired boy ran away.

"Jeez, some help.."

My face still hot I walked up to Nagito, tapping him on the shoulder. "N-Nagito..."


I whipped my head around insanely fast as I herd her voice.

She stood in front of me, staring at the ground. A little squeak escaped from my mouth.


She looked up at me. My face rose in heat. God dammit, s-she's gonna turn me down...she would never love trash like me.! Why did I ever think talking to ha-

"I-I feel the same way..."

I stood there my jaw almost dropping to the ground...

"You what.?!" She gave me a quick smile. Oh that smile is oh so beautiful.

"I love y-you too."

The words fell out of her mouth blush rushed to my ears, and I swear on hope that steam was coming out of my ears as well. I smiled and stared to run up to her, quickly putting it to a stop.

"A-Are you sure? I mean someone as amazing as you loving someone as worthless like me.?"

"NAGITO!" I yelped at her sudden loudness.

"Yeah..?" I asked giving an awkward smile. She pushed a finger at my chest.

"You are not worthless, nor trash. Got that. I...I really do love you." She pulled her finger away and wrapped her arms around me.

I hummed feeling her warmth. I pulled away from the hug, looking her in the eye. "I-I..."

I slowly leaned in closer, very hesitant on making my next move. My heart beating faster and faster I pulled her in kissing her passionately on the lips. Y/n slowly pulled away. The kiss was shorter than I wanted.

She shined "Y-You're cute."

Blush rushing up to my face, I pushed her into my chest. Hearing a muffled 'I love you' I chuckled.



Both are head looked over to the source of the noise.

" jeez Hajime could ya be any louder.?"


" h-hey it wasn't my idea to come here."

" Hm.? Ya I know. I mean they could be makin out right now."

......ssoudddaa....anger started to fumed in me.

"Eh. Y-Y/n it's okay." I gave Nagito a wholesome smiled and walked off to the bush where the two boys sat.

"Oh boy oh boy. I can't wait to se- HuUh.? It's just Nagito?" Souda spoke.

"Oh god..." Hajime whispered.

I grabbed Souda by the ear throwing him out of the bush.

"EAHHHHHHHWHAHHHHHHH!" He landed in the sand right in front of Nagito.

I loomed over Hinata. "Haajiiiimeee." Sweat slowly covered his forehead. "Y-Yes..."

I rose my hand, he flinched, sweat still flowing down his face.

I patted the top of his head. "I know Souda just dragged you here. Don't worry." I said giving him a smile.


We both got up and walked back to the duo on/in the sand.

"Owowowowowowowowowwww jeez y/n that hurt..." I just gave him a smile.

" welllll that's what you get you pervert." I smiled and then glanced over to Nagito. His face was very serious. I stepped over to him.

"Nagito...? You okay.?" I asked concern laced in my voice.

"Hm. Oh yeah. Uh......let's go."

"Huh wh-?" With that Nagito picked me up throwing me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "H-Hey.?!" My face flustered and confused.

"Stop moving jeezz. I'm taking you back to my dorm." My face flushed even more.

"OooOoOoooo there gonna get it onnnnn." Souda yelled. Hajime just slapped him up side the head.

"Shut up."

Yay! This is the second chapter of this book woooooooo.!
If you have any requests telll meeee.
Also when ever I'm writing the ____ POV/ I always laugh think that I'm just screaming it. Anyways stay safe.

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