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Sarah's p.o.v.

As every morning my alarm starts ringing at 7:50am. I stretched in bed and climbed out of it. Sun was shining trough the dark blue curtains. I opened them and headed to bathroom. I quickly took a shower and went back to my room, and opened closet. And again - each morning struggle that I don't know what to wear. Finally I picked black jeans, light blue shirt and black flats. I brushed my light brown, long, naturally curly hair. I straightened it and sprayed with a hairspray. On the way to kitchen I took my black watch. I made a coffee and some toasts. It was 8:20am already and I put the mug and plate in the sink, threw phone in my black bag and went out of my apartment. I ran down from 3rd floor and I was surrounded by morning rush.

"Good morning, Sarah!" Mike caught me. He's my colleague and lives few houses further than me.

"Hey! How was your date last night?" I asked him. He finally asked out Alice and asked my advice because she is really good friend to me.

"Oh, it was great! That restaurant was great! Everything was great! Thank you so much!" Mike pulled me in a hug.

Mike have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Actually he's pretty handsome.

"You're welcome!" I smiled.

"I owe you lunch."

"No, you don't."

"Fine. Do you want coffee?" he pointed to Starbucks across the street.

"No, thanks."

"Ok then. See you in office." he waved and ran across the street.

I was standing by the traffic lights when a black car stopped in front of me and man in a suit stepped out of it.

"Hello, Ms. Johnson. I'm agent Ferris from S.H.I.E.L.D. please get in the car." he opened car's back doors at the same time he showed me the badge.

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