The Only girl with 7 Brothers and I bump into Mr Hottie.

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" Hellloooooooooooo, Lilak are you there"  a masculine voice said out front of me , I didnt relise I was daydreaming , wooooah wait he knows my name ? I snapped out of my trance to see not only any guy but MR HOTTIE , Kaleb Black THE MOST POPULAR SENIOR AT SCHOOL followed by the twins. OH MY GOSH KALEB BLACK knows my name

* wooooah KALEB BLACK knows your name ? you have to be the most geekiest gurl at scholl LILAK , how on earth does he know you name ?

* Shutup brain, I am soo not the geekiest gurl ... even though I knew this soo called voice I was hearing was right. But hey Im nawt complaining.

* I am you and I am soooo Complaing , I mean look at those huge glasses and those braces, ihts soooo , ewww.

"Lilak pleasee talk to me, I know your in there somewhere"  Kaleb said with the softest southin voice Ive ever heard. Shaking my heard I said the dumpest thing in the world " DADDY , WHERES MY DADDY ??" which only got him cracking up laughing.

"Lilak Uhm you nearly got runned over and the first thing you say is wheres my daddy ? , I guess your brothers were wrong , your not at all brainy your half?" He said Chuckiling. wait ? that has to be the Lamest joke ever. I got scatteered to my feet and took off running leaving him there dumbfounded.


Grammah not checked !


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