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     The first thing that I notice about the new planet is that it's very green. And it's very, very hot. Earth isn't what I expected. Since it's filled with females, I though that maybe it was perfect. It's far from it, even if it is covered in lush green beauty.

     We're here for a reason, and it's the most important mission of my life.

     I have the ship landed near the beacon of life we received, but not too close by. We're surrounded by trees on all sides, and I don't waste any time sitting around once the ship touches down. I leave the ship that I've been stuck in for many days, and I take a look around. My small crew goes around fulfilling their responsibilities as I leave quickly. As General, I'm the Captain of the ship, and I will be the first to search this planet we've landed on.

     I'm beyond excited and nervous at the idea of it all. Females. I've never seen one. I'm shocked that they're even real. The universe has granted my dying race a second chance, and Earth is where we'll find it.

     I walk through the forest, listening to all the different creatures make their varying noises. I've been told that there aren't any dangerous animals on Earth, at least not on this part of the green and blue planet. This place is very strange already. It's so very different than the place I know as home. It's also nothing like I've ever seen for. But this place is sacred, because this place holds females. Real, life giving females.

     The last female of my kind, a Rytarian female, died many moon cycles ago. We don't have any more left. After the virus took them all away, we thought we had no hope. Then, one lucky male crash landed, finding himself on Earth. He says he was saved by a female who patched up his wounds and provided him shelter and kindness. Now they are mates.

      It's a miracle, but apparently this place is filled with countless females who look like our own kind, but very small and very delicate and pale.

     They are quite adorable.

     I saw one right before leaving to journey to this mysterious place. She was beautiful. I need to find many more, and hopefully one of my own. That's the whole reason we're here. Rytaria awaits.

     My heart starts racing at the mere idea of having my own mate to love. It fills my soul with joy just seeing one precious female. I've never seen one in my life until a few days ago.

     Our race is dying out, and Humans hold the key. They have what we seek. Their females can hold our kits, one has already conceived a kit. Half human, half Rytarian. It's amazing, truly.

     It is a miracle from the Gods.

     But that's not all that females are good for. They are kind creatures, fiercely protective of their children, and above all, they provide companionship and grace to every planet. What would a male be without a female? I will tell you what, absolutely miserable. I've lived on our planet for 26 turns of the planet, and most of those turns were spent on a female-less wasteland. All I've ever known is males everywhere.

     Now is the chance to change to rectify the lonely nature of Ryataria and the males that inhabit it.

      I hike back to the ship, only to see many of the crew unloading supplies to set up camp already. They are as eager as I am. I observe quietly from the sidelines. For the most part, I go unnoticed, that is until my impatience gets the best of me. I'm excited to get started with finding the females we seek.

     "All level 1 warriors with me. We start the search for females right now." I call out, and all my best fighters drop what they are doing to listen to their commander.

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