Chapter 1

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Faye's POV:

I lay in bed restless after yet another sleepless night.  I slowly open my blinds and make awkward eye contact with the neighbor on the other side of the street. An odd Solid Snake look alike, he nods and I give a faint smile. It's been a while since someone nodded or waved or... Anything in my direction. I  get changed, and head out to get my morning coffee. I walk down the stairs, and run to get my coffee. On my walk back, I have my head down, walking straight. I walk, and walk, and all of a sudden, I run into someone. Spilling my coffee all over myself and, the person. I look up, its that Solid Snake look alike. I say "I'm so sorry!! I wasn't watching where I was going and I-" He inturupts with "Its okay. It was my fault." Clearing his voice he adds "Let me buy you a new one.". "I can't justify you doing that. It was my own clumsyness." I say rambling on and on. "Fine, well, see you around." He says turning around, I yell out "Excuse me! Sir, I never caught your name!" " Its Snake, just call me Snake."

  * Time skip until 2 hours later *

  I sat in my desk, by my window. Despret to write anther chapter. I'm an author... and I have writers block. I stared out my window and made eye contact with Snake. I wave. He nods. He motions to my pocket, for some reason there is a paper there. It reads "Call me sometime ___-___-______  -Snake. " I took out my phone and texted him "Hello" I send getting a "Hi" in response. We end up talking for hours, not stopping until he had something to do.

  Chapter one, woot woot. I am so tired, yet I can't sleep ;-; someone send help. I know its not that much longer than the prolog but I'm lazy. Any way Comment, follow, and that shit if you would like to! Hope you enjoyed this chapter - Vannah

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