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A Silent Cry by AwkwardSt0ries
A Silent Cryby The Mom Friend
Cry wasn't born mute. He had a wonderful voice that made almost everyone swoon. But suddenly everything changes. He gets caught in a tragic incident that costs him his v...
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the magical Girl by avniyadav0
the magical Girlby avni Yadav
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(Lisa POV) nandito ako sa sala at nanonood ng TV si jungk tingin ako Kay mommy at ngumiti "I have something to tell you " sabi nya at umupo sa tabi ko "...
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No One Left: Mad!Cry by AltheAlpha
No One Left: Mad!Cryby x
There's one hiding in the closet. There's one under the bed. There's one in the corner, with a face that's a bloody red. Only one is the worst, one can fill all hearts w...
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Broken Love {A MsfactualplaysXoc Fanfic} by VannahWrites
Broken Love {A MsfactualplaysXoc I'm Vannah. I'm no one of imp...
She was broken, ignored like she was vermin. People avoided her and didn't even acknowledge her existence. He was broken, ignoring people at all costs. He rarely even s...
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[DISCONTINUED] Poison ( Snake x Reader )  by AliceandFriends
[DISCONTINUED] Poison ( Snake x AliceandFriends
"Love is poison. It gets in your system and weakens your defenses. That's why the only antidote is loving more." ((I own the quote above as well as the story p...
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Oneshots by Sprite-Vodka
Oneshotsby Sprite-Vodka
Most are posted to Tumblr but why not put them here as well? Most likely Crake and Snund, feel free to leave a request
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Psycho  by user31505226
Psycho by
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Poem For Cry by OlliepopM
Poem For Cryby Ollie
This is a poem I've had for awhile now. I hope you like it. c:
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Bestfriend Story  by kbypot
Bestfriend Story by kbypot
Kwento Ng isang lalaking na May pagtingen sa Bestfriend niya😇
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Souless Heart by Onyxxxz
Souless Heartby Mat Odi
Can love conquer Life and death?
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How could it end up like this? by Dersereverse
How could it end up like this?by King of cabinets
One-shot of killer!Jund
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Boss DESTINED by user77759150
Boss DESTINEDby #ms.Y
Si ALTHEA GOMEZ ay laki sa hirap at nag iisang anak ni aling ising ' na namamasukan bilang isang katulong sa pamilyang SALAZAR na halos 10 taon na , dahil iniwan sil ng...
Crynime - Soldier Will Rising REVENGENCE  [Snake Route] by SoshinShaNoModoru
Crynime - Soldier Will Rising Shou no Sõshin-sha no modoru
world lost within the cyberverse. our redemption against virus cry a sinister happened to snake yes his memoria and his path was destroyed by the old man until his memor...
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Bright Days and Stormy Nights by Sprite-Vodka
Bright Days and Stormy Nightsby Sprite-Vodka
What happens when the one who's supposed to save you, is the one who needs saving? Robin Nyx has lived the past three years without a single break in the same routine, b...
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Deal! (  PewDieCry Fan Fiction) by mcnickwastaken
Deal! ( PewDieCry Fan Fiction)by McNick
Cry is the son of two parents that think having a baby boy is a sin. So when he was born, he was immediately abandoned with a note on his blanket. Minx was the one who...
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SEASON'S TO LOVE? or TO BE LOVE? by Norhata_ali
SEASON'S TO LOVE? or TO BE LOVE?by Norhata_ali
This story is all about a girl ,with a strict parents and a rich boy with a bad attitude. Misaki is 16year's old a 1st year college having a strict parents. The death of...
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Late Night Crew One-Shots by firing-main-canon
Late Night Crew One-Shotsby Tom
Collection of one shots around Cry, Cheyenne, Russ, Scott, and Snake. Also known as, The Late Night Crew. I love poly ships and rare ships, so expect them often. Suggest...
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