Chapter 5

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Okay, Vannah here! Well, after so much procrastinating, I finally have a chapter ready! Let's go!

Faye's POV:

As I walk in the washroom I see my makeup looking nice, but hair looking like shit. "Damn." I mutter to myself. I brush out the tangles, and leave my hair down. Looking over my self, I decide that I look half decent. I look at my watch, it takes about ten minutes to get there. Having 15 minutes till the designated time I set of and walk down the coffe shop. I sit down at a table, waiting for Snake to appear. I don't have to wait long, as 5 minutes later Snake walks in.

"Snakey!" I say waving with a smile. Snake smiles a miniscule smile, rolling his eyes as he walks over. "I owe you a coffee, don't I?" He says. "Well, being truthful, you owe me a coffee and an energy drink. But a coffee will suffice." I say with a wink, Snake chuckles. A waitress walks over, "Hello, what can I get for you?" She says. "A black coffee and, Faye what would you like?" "A mocha, please and thank you." I say with a small smile. "Of course." She says scurrying away. Snake has a smal smile on his face, "What?" I ask. "You are too polite." He says. "Well, I was born in Canada." I say, "Really?" Snake asks. "Yeah, this small town in Nova Scotia. It was kinda shitty." I say shrugging my shoulders. Snake nods, we sit in a comfortable silence for a couple minutes until the waitress comes to our table. "Here you go sir, your coffee." She says setting Snake's drink down on the table. "And your mocha." She says, I smile warmly in thanks as I pick it up and smell it, aromatic fumes drifting up. "What the hell is a mocha anyway?" Snake asks. I giggle "It is half hot chocolate and half coffee." "It sounds sickenly sweet." Snake says with an unreadable look on his face. I roll my eyes, with a small laugh.

We make small conversation, until the waitress comes over. She slips a small paper to me. I read it and I feel my cheeks heat up. It says,

'All of us in the kitchen agree that you and your boyfriend are the cutest couple we have seen. Come back anytime! -The staff.'

Snake notices my blush. He raises an eyebrow, I reach over the table and pass him the note. He chuckles slightly, "Is that really how we appear?" Snake inquires."It appears so." I say with a giggle."Anyway,when I was busy earlier,I was asking a friend of mine something. We do this thing, every Saturday night from 11 to well, early. I was wondering if you want to join next week?" Snake says, a slight edge of nervousness to his voice. "I'd love to." I say with a smile.

We make small talk as we finish our drinks. "Well, I have to run." I say as I pull out my wallet handing him three dollars. "Here that covers my mocha." I add.

Snake nods his head in disagreement, handing me back my money, "My treat." He says. "Well, thanks then." I say with a smile. He faintly smiles. "Bye Snakey!" I say as I walk out the door.

Okay, that's it! Don't be to angry with me! I hope you enjoyed! -Vannah

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