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Faye's POV:

Pit, pat, pit, pat, pit... The drone of the rain against my appartment window, is soothing yet unnerving. I walk over to the door, pulling on my converse. I run down the three flights of stairs like the building was colasping. I step outside, my golden brown hair getting soaked as I walk down the street. I love the rain, its freeing. People, they run from the rain, they never apriciate the true beauty of it. My head is low to the ground, staring at my feet as they make ripples in the water puddles on the street. I walk, and walk just thinking about why people would run from such a beautiful thing. A solitary tear slides down my cheek, as I know that I am alone in this world. Not a friend or relative, alive. The rain begins to stop, and I begin my walk home. People come out of their houses, and they missed the beauty of the rain.

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