Chapter 7

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Hi, um, I know I said this would be Snakes POV of the last chapter but I don't want to do that any more, so here is the next chapter following the plot line.

Faye's POV:

I look around the room, taking in my surroundings. I don't quite know if its a guest room, or his room. There's a TV on the wall in front of the bed. I pick up the remote, "How does this work?" I mutter to myself. "Snake?" I call out. He does't cause to his friend, Jund I think, is being loud as shit. I roll my eyes. I get up off the bed, wincing in pain as I put my weight on my foot. I manage to walk down the hall, only sliding my foot. Upon walking in I see Snake and Jund playing Rain. I smile to myself and hobble/slide to Jund. snake had seen me but I kept quite. Slowly, I approached. I lightly dragged my finger acrost the back of his neck and whispered, "You smell different when you're awake". Jund goes rigid for a moment, with a look of terror on his face. He realises it me and starts to laugh. I giggle along with him, turning to Snake. "I, umm, can't figure out how to use the remote. And I'm kinda lonely." I say awkwardly, "I can go home though. I'm fine to walk."I add quickly. "You're not walking to your house like that." He says, adding "You'll cause more damage." I sigh nodding. I really just want to go home. "You really shouldn't climb trees. Its kinda dangerous." Jund says. I roll my eyes saying "What's your name any way? I think its Jund but I'm not sure." "Scott. people just call me Jund. But you, can call me Scott." He says nodding his head sexually at me (A/N: Idk, do you know what I mean?) I giggle then saying, "Oh, um, I don't, well. I don't like guys like you..." Scott's face goes a light shade of pink, but I don't point it out. He nods his head and says something quickly about having somewhere to be. I look down at the floor in front of me awkwardly.

Snake's POV:

After being rejected, Scott made it a point to leave early. I look over at Faye, her long hair covering her face as she look at the floor. "I-I'm sorry for making your friend leave." She says, hanging her head lower. "He was overstaying his welcome anyway." I say, adding "Plus its fun to have him be put in his place." She lifts her head and looks at me with a grin, "Lets do something fun today! I think the new avengers movie is out!" I lightly smile at her enthusiasm. "Lets go see it then." I say. "Yay!"

Hey, umm, sorry for the lack of updates. Every thing is just going haywire in my life. I update my other book more frequently, so please check that out! Well, I apologise for this being so short but oh well. Bye!


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