Chapter 6

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I'm so sorry! I haven't updated in ages, please forgive me...

Faye's Pov:

I took the long route back to my apartment, stopping at this small park that I was familiar with. I walked in, hearing the giggles of children form the swing-set. walking to the far end of the park where there is this nice, tall, oak tree. I climbed up the limbs of the tree. Achieving the height that I wanted to be at. I watched the birds fly by my post in the branches. I sigh as I stay there for ages, for a couple hours considering by the time I left it was dark. I have always been timid about walking at night. I step down from my tree branch, my foot getting caught on the it, swinging me down full force on to the ground. "Fuck!" I exclaim, clutching my ankle protectively. I stand up only to collapse again. "Shit, shit, shit." I say. A thought come into my head, call some one. I only have Snake to call. I don't want to annoy him, but I need help. I open my phone, 2:46 am. I need to call for him to be able to answer me. I cringe, I hate calling people, but sitting on the cold ground in the dark in a park? Not my cup of tea. I dial Snake's number, putting the phone up to me ear. It takes a few rings but I get a response, "Hello?" Snake says, "Uh, yeah. Its Faye..." I reply. "I can tell. Are you okay?" he asks showing his concern in his voice. "Heheh, funny story. I was in a tree, and I feel out, and I hurt my ankle and I'm kinda scared and I can't walk." I say. "Where are you? I'll come get you." "I'm at (Park name), by the tall oak tree in the back. Come quickly please." I say. "I'll be there soon." Snake says hanging up the phone. I go to stand again, falling.A few minutes later, I start to panic as I here some guys coming closer. I shrink back into the tree, hoping they won't see me. "Faye?!" I hear Snake call. "Faye?" I hear another man call. Confused, I yell "Over here Snake!" I hear the foot steps get louder. Until Snake is there. "Ohthankgoodnessyourehere." I say quickly. "Sorry if we took a while." Snake says, adding "I had to take my idiot of a friend, Scott ,here with me."  "Its fine. As long as your here. I need some help getting to my apartment though." I say nervously. "Snake's apartment is closer." The man called Scott pipes up. "You could stay the the night there." Snake says adding to what Jund says. "O-okay. I would hate to be a bother though." "It's fine." Snake says. I nod. Snake bends over and picks me up. He starts to walk with me in his arms.  A blush spreads across my cheeks. I slowly close my eyes, laying my head on Snake's shoulder. I drift into a nice, sleep.

I open my eyes, I'm in an unfamiliar bed. I sit up and go to stand. I put my weight on my feet and cry out in pain. I crumple in a heap on the floor. I hear footsteps, coming down the hall. "You alright?" Snake asks. "I'm fine. I just forgot about my ankle." Snake nod's. I attempt to get up again but I feel Snake wrap his arms around me, placing me back on the bed. "Stay." He says, leaving to grab something. A few minutes later, he brings in a ice pack, wrapping it around my ankle. "Keep that on." Snake says, throwing a TV remote at me, then leaving again.

Okay, so I haven't updated in ages. But the next chapter will be this in Snake's POV. I hope you enjoyed. -Vannah

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