Chapter 7

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Okay, so remember that this is just a story so not everything is real, okay? I just made some things up so don't bother searching for it on Google! XD

I love you guys, go and read!


❄️Joy's POV❄️

It's been three weeks since me, Lourence and Dylan hang out so it's been three weeks since I last talked to Lou. I don't know if he researched about our connected dreams. I don't even know if he remembers to research it. He looks smart so I guess it's easy for him to do it. It's so weird, though. The whole time I was dreaming about Em, Lourence is dreaming about it too. That's so weird in so many ways!

"Joy? Lourence is here to see you, dear." My mom shouted. Speaking of the devil.

"Send him up, mom."

I sat on my bed and waited for the door to open and for Lourence to walk in. After a couple of minutes, he did. He's holding a folder and he looks...nervous? No, he looks excited.

"Heyya." He smiled.

"Hi. Why the sudden visit? You can sit anywhere you like, by the way." He nodded and sat at my office chair.

"Well, remember about our connected dreams and such?" I nodded, "I told you that I will research about it- and I did -and the results are quite...fascinating." He sounds like a scientist right now but I just kept listening.

"It took me a couple of weeks to really find the answer and not just jump into conclusions so that's why I'm here today, to tell you all about it." Why am I excited all of a sudden?

"I'm all ears, go and explain!" I smiled.

He opened the folder and pulled some sheets of paper out, stapled on the corner neatly, "Okay, so what we experienced is called 'Electric Dreams' or also known as 'Connected Dreams'. They used the term 'Electric' because electricity is connected with wires so in our case, our dreams are the electricity and we- the people that dreams I mean- are the wires," This is so fascinating, actually. "This usually happens with 3 or more people and can last for a couple of months or years in some rare cases. Do you realize what this means?" He looked at me.

I think,about it for a moment. What does this mean? Oh God this is embarrassing I don't know the answer. Wait a minute...oh! "It means there are more people connected in our dreams?" I said.

"Right you are!" Lourence beamed, "According to the Internet, it won't be classified as a Electric Dream if there are only 2 persons, it can only be coincidence. So it means, there are more people that knew about our dreams. But the question is: Who are they?" Is it Em? No.

"Also, sometimes, not all of the people in the dream are real. And according to the Internet again, there are 50/50 percent chance that the persons dreaming can meet. Sometimes, only two or three of the dreamers can meet, it's very rare for all of them to. So whoever those other dreamers are, there's a chance that we won't meet them, anymore."

"Did you research if there's something will happen to the dreamers? Like bad luck or something?" I asked.

Lourence pushed his glasses up a little- I didn't notice that he's wearing glasses -and started speaking again, "I didn't read anything about that so I guess we're fine." He smiled, all toothy like a kid. He placed the papers back to the folder and closed it. I guess that's the end of his explanation?

"Well that was...unbelievable?" I said it more like a question than a sentence which caused Lourence to laugh.

"Indeed it is. Do you think we'll meet the others?" He asked hopefully.

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