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A year later.

Rain is pouring outside, making everything wet and slippery and gross.

Just like how Joy likes it. She's peacefully sipping cocoa on top of her bed, looking outside. If you ask her a year ago if this is how her life would turn out, she'll say something different.

Maybe she'll say that she'll be with a guy she loved even when she was asleep. Maybe she'll say that she'll be traveling the world, taking pictures and documenting memories for her future children to see. Maybe she'll get married with the love of her life.

A year. 12 months. That's how long it's been. She never thought that she'll still be alive, actually. After all that pain and heartbreak she felt with that guy.

She thought they'll last, forever if given the chance. They were like 2 pieces of a puzzle, soulmates. That's the problem with us people, isn't it? We hope on something too much that we forget what reality feels like.

It's been a year and yet Joy still remembers everything that happened...


It's their 3 month anniversary today, and Joy made sure to clean everything up.

After Jerson's confession in that creepy hospital, they dated again. Took everything slowly and made sure their pace is exactly how fast they want it to be. After 10 months (yes, outrageous) of dating, they finally called it official. 10 months of dating before calling it official can be ridiculous for some people, but it's Joy and Jerson. They tend to be different than most couples.

Joy is currently cooking inside Jerson's apartment, checking that everything is in place and not one speck of dirt is visible from her naked eye. When the dish was done, she plated everything like how a gourmet chef would prepare it.

And she waited.

And waited.

And waited.

An hour later and Jerson still haven't arrived. Joy is getting worried. What happened? Is Jerson okay?

She tried calling him, but no answer. The candle on the tabletop is melting, droplets of wax falling on the table cloth. But Joy couldn't think of cleaning that now. Where's Jerson?

So she waited again.

And waited.

And waited.

5 hours later, the candle is now burnt out. The food cold, and so is Joy's heart.

She cleaned everything up and went home instead.

A week later and yet still no sign of Jerson, so she went back to his apartment. She took the spare key under the mat and opened the door.

Empty except for the furniture. No pictures of them on the wall, no knick knacks, souvenirs from his trips. Joy rushed to Jerson's room. Empty.

Like no one lived there at all.


Joy wiped a stray tear that escaped her eye. She laughed at herself, she shouldn't be crying! It's been a year!

She inhaled fresh oxygen in her lungs, and prepared for the day ahead of her.



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