Chapter 2

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You roll your eyes and pry away from his hold only to halt in pain.

He shifts his gaze to focus on your shoulder. "Don't tell me it opened again."

So last week wasn't entirely a good week for you. Something happened during training that resulted to an awful slice on your upper back. It hurts. But it wasn't that bad. A little stitching did the trick.

When no word peeps from you, the man sitting on the couch like a deity blinks once, and then closes his eyes for a moment. He clenches his jaw, fingers digging beneath the brown locks of his hair and tugs. And then he flutters his eyes to exaustedly stare at you.


"I'm fine. Really. Nothing I can't handle." You cut him off. In addition to your statement, you really know what you're saying. Graduated medical school remember?

An open wound won't kill you.

"I got to go."

"Okay." He huffs, twisting his body to reach for something on a drawer. Then he stands right after and slides from his coat before hanging it on a racket.

"What are you doing?" You ask, perplexed.

Jungkook paves the way towards the door and you find yourself following him like a lost puppy. As he rolls his sleeves up, you don't even feel the slightest shame leering the veins prominent on his honey-textured arms.

Jungkook looks at you like you've just asked him a dumb question. "I'm driving you home. Let's go."

The journey down the lobby's quiet. Like a gentleman, he allows you to step inside the elevator first.

Unconsciously, you find yourself staring at the young man's broad back as the thought of taking the licences exam comes to mind.

It's already been a year. Should you take it?

The metal pole's cold as you circle your fingers around it, sighing.

"You okay?"

Lifting your head, you're met with Jungkook's eyes portraying worry behind his collected demeanor. "Is your back hurting?"

Those brown steady eyes scan your face for an answer, before trailing down to where the pain might be coming from.

After a few seconds, you dismiss him with a shake of your head just as the elevator comes to an open.

The nurse from earlier gapes in what appears to be shock when you pass by. The young doctor behind you sends her a timid smile, to which she sends a nervous one back.

"I'll be back in a few hours."

You ignore their exchange of words, planting cold palms into the warm pockets of your sweater.

Jungkook slips on his seat as you begin to buckle your seat belt. Once he sees that you're secured and comfortable, he grips the steering wheel and the car begins to shift beneath your toes.

You close your eyes, enjoying the feeling of silence present. After a busy day, rest is what you need.

Halfway through the ride, you begin to sniffle when you notice something in the air didn't seem right.

"Y/n." He calls your name hesitantly. As if to check if you're awake or not.

When you give him a hum for a respond, he goes on to asking. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

You sigh, lightly scrunching your nose. An exausted respond is what he gets. "No."

Then you slowly flutter your eyes open, catching something sitting at the back seat from the rear mirror. Blossoming under the moonlit ray piercing through the window is a lavender colored wrapper filled with clusters of beautiful flowers. A mixture of glowing white and red to accentuate the beauty of nature, twirly vines with silver act as highlight.

Jungkook catches your gaze and clears his throat. "That's for Hyeri."

Not that you asked. But okay.

You're glad he doesn't say anything else after that.

Minutes later, he finally pulls the car over and the comforting sound of his engine dies down. Soon it's followed by the rustling sound of Jungkook reaching for the bouquet of flowers.

Then you sneeze.

It takes Jungkook a good two seconds to realize what had just happened. First he glances towards you with barely-caring, questioning eyes. But when he turns to look at what he's holding, all realization pounds him in the head like a hammer.

You're allergic to pollen.

"Crap. " He hoarsely hisses. "Sorry, Y/n."

Quickly he sets off outside the car. You follow suit, walking towards your house with a handkerchief pressed against your nose.

Standing beside the door frame is an awfully disoriented Hyeri. Her hair's a wreck, as if she had ran her hands frustratedly through them. Her usual rosy lips have now pulled back into a snarl, bloody red from getting nibbled, exposing her white pearls.

"Where the heck have you been?" She's in her favorite purple robe- exclusivly designed to fit her liking- while saying this. "It's way past mid night, Y/n. You weren't even answering your damn phone. Do you know how worried I was?"

Her eyes then shifts to the person carrying boquet a few feet behind you. The look on her face drastically changes in a scowl.

"Go inside."


"Just go inside." She repeats. The cotton fabric of her robe scrunches the lily patch crested on as she crosses her arms, passing you.


"Hi, Noona." Lover boy greets with sparkling eyes.

You can't hear what the say next. But you can see them. Jungkook extends the beautiful flowers towards your sister.

But like always, he's rejected. Hyeri doesn't take the flowers with her, speaking, and merely sending him a pat on the arm before heading inside.

The sound of the front door opening is followed by her footsteps heading upstairs.

You pull away from the window and head outside.

Jungkook's shoulders that were always fixed in a composed perfect posture have now slumped down in dejection. He runs frustrated fingers through his neat hair, ruffling and allowing them to cascade over his eyes. The bouquet's already dumped Inside the back seat of his car, meaning you're safe to approach him now.

He doesn't know you're behind him until you break the ice.

"Why won't you stop?" Why won't he stop? He's been trying to woo her since college years. But her answer's always the same.

Hyeri will only ever see him as her little sister's best friend.

She's making it obvious. But why can't he see that?

A pained smile lifts the corner of his face as he turns, bangs cascading over his hooded eyes.

"I love her." He says. "That's why."

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