My Baby Sister - Pt 1

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A/N: This one shot was requested by @thomas2921

This is my first request so I hope you like it

"Kensi will be picking you up in 30 minutes," G yells from the kitchen. 

"What?" I yell back, looking up from my phone. 

"Kensi will be here in 30 minutes," he yells back. 

"What?" I hear his footsteps approach my bedroom and he appears in the door. 

"Kensi will be..." he trails off as I give him a shit eating grin. "You're such a turd." 

"I wonder who I get it from," I say with a smirk. He flips me off and I laugh before climbing off my bed to get dressed. 

You put this ↓ on and pull on a pair of Doc Martins. 

I grab my phone before wondering out to the kitchen and see G shoving his phone and wallet into his pocket

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I grab my phone before wondering out to the kitchen and see G shoving his phone and wallet into his pocket. 

"I'll see you at HQ," he says, grabbing his keys. 

"When's Kensi getting here?" I ask as he heads to the door. 

"Piss off," he says over his shoulder and I laugh. 

G shuts the door behind him as I scroll through my phone looking for a playlist. Finding the right one, I put it on shuffle and begin humming along. I begin making myself lunch as dance along to the music. 

I was halfway through making lunch when there was a knock on the door. I pause my music, checking the time while I was at it. 

Kensi wasn't meant to arrive for another 15 minutes. I slide my phone into my back pocket and I grab the gun G had hidden under the bench. I creep over to the door and peer through the peephole. A man stood at the door and he knocks again. A shadow against the wall adjoined to the one I was against had me peering back into the kitchen where I see four men sneaking past the window. I could only assume more going down the other side of the house and more were hidden out front somewhere.

"Hello?" he calls. "I just need to borrow a phone. My car broke down and my phone is flat." 

I hurry away from the door, keeping quiet and out of sight of the windows. I slip into a closet and call Kensi, listening out for anyone breaking in.

"Hey, I'm almost there," she says. 

"Well, speed up," I whisper. "There's men at the house. At least 5, probably more." 

"I'm on my way," she says and I could hear her step on the gas. I could hear the guy knock, calling out to me.

"They're European," I murmur. "Couldn't tell where from exactly. He hid his accent well. I'd guess maybe Austrian." 

I hear the creak of wood and I knew they were inside. 

"They're inside. Call G." With that, I hang up and put my phone on silent before slipping it back into my pocket. I keep my breathing soft as a shadow passes under the gap of the door. Then another shadow. Two more follow before a fifth stops in front of me. I slowly crouch, keeping my movements as quiet as possible. I wrap my hands around the gun, preparing for the closet door to be opened. I hear the intruder take a step forward as another shadow stops beside him. I hear a gun click and the shift of fabric as someone moves. 

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