Chapter 1

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Tim Foust: the bass from Home Free. A handsome man who shook the audience with heavenly low notes and who had hair that was nicer than most people's. He was a 38 year old Texan who lived in Tennessee along with ex-bass, from Pentatonix, Avi Kaplan.

Now, Avi was a 30 year old Californian who lived in the woods. He spends his days hiking and playing his guitar for pleasure, but was still a good friend of Tim's despite living at the other side of Nashville.

They both had amazing talents and a huge fan base. Truth be told, the fans were mainly swooning women, but one day that all changed...

May 2017: Avi decides to leave Pentatonix.
Tim and Home Free had always been close friends with Avi and all of Pentatonix, so it came as a shock to him and the guys that Avi wanted to leave. He completely supported his decision, as he understood that touring and being away from family can be hard and stress inducing. He still loves Pentatonix's music and would continue to listen to both them, and Avi's solo material.
When Avi released his first EP with his other band ('The Sequoias'), Tim fell in love with him. He never fully realised how amazingly talented he was as a guitarist and tenor.
Hearing him sing in his upper range and play that guitar so effortlessly, really made the bass fall for him... But how would he tell him?
*End of flashback*

*Tim's POV*

September 18th: Today is the day me and Home Free start our new album tour: 'Dive Bar Saints'. We start here, in Nashville, and we thought this would be a great time to catch up with our old friend, Avi. He lived in Fairview, about 40 minutes from the city, but he said he'd be up to come to one of our shows. Truth is, I'd actually asked him if he'd be our opening act for the first two shows in Nashville. He said yes. I just hope I don't make a fool of myself in front of him. Gosh, darn it, he's pretty though so it may be hard. (Haha sing-off reference)

*Time skip - nearly show time*

We were all backstage talking and chatting while Avi was tuning his guitar. Effortlessly. He was just sat there, plucking and tuning until he smiled and stood up. He walks to us and begins to chat.

"All set fellas. When does the show begin?" He questions in that lovely voice of his.
"Few more minutes, people are still coming in" Austin replies.
"You need an introduction, buddy?" I ask.
Avi laughs and looks at me, "guess that would help, huh?"

My thoughts stray for a second. I replay that laugh in my head as I smile to myself. He's just so precious. My band knew I was bisexual, I'm convinced they did even before I came out to them, but they'd excepted me with up most respect and loved me anyway. Truth be told, Home Free had such a strong bond that we all saw each other as family anyway, no matter what hurdles came our way.

Coming back to reality, I answer Avi, "probably would. Not that you need it, eh?" I chuckle and elbow him teasingly. He laughs and just nods in a 'you right' type way.

Few minutes pass and me and Avi are just chatting. We then hear Austin introducing him.

"Guess that's me on then" Avi says as he stands.
I bring him into a bro hug, "good luck, Av, not that you'll need it"
"Cheers, Tim" his voice is so buttery. Tim, stop. Or just tell the man you like him... Fuck no, not now. Maybe later.

I watch as him and Austin change positions and the crowd cheers when he walks into view. I smile. I then find a place to sit where I can see him.

As he greets the crowd and thanks them, I finally have a good seat where I can see almost everything. He begins to play. Just him, no-one else. He just has a peddle and a guitar.

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