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cruel of you | h.hj & l.fl by hiddenclawsof
cruel of you | h.hj & l.flby z
Felix doesn't expect that living in Minho's apartment for allegedly free of charge comes at a price of: 1) taking care of his child Jeongin, and 2) taking care of a 24 y...
The Soundmaker by Sam_le_fou
The Soundmakerby Sam Camp
Death prowls the Basque town of Guernica, besieged by a civil war, and it falls on the shoulders of one cowardly but romantic soldier to save it...if he can overcome his...
All about that bass (Avi x Tim (Tivi) fic) x by AviKaplan_is_life
All about that bass (Avi x Tim (Ti...by Bass girl: MJ x
When the two basses, who never thought that opposites could attract, meet and they fall in love... How do they find a way to express their feelings and work it out toget...
Friend Zone Recipe : Page No.2015 by KhinYuYuThu
Friend Zone Recipe : Page No.2015by Once Upon_A Dream
" Midnight Lullaby Radio Channel ကို ပေးပို့ထားတဲ့ စိတ်၀င်စားစရာ ဇာတ်လမ်းတိုလေးတွေကို ဖတ်ပြပေးမှာပဲဖြစ်ပါတယ်... ပရိတ်သတ်များ နားသောတ ဆင်ပေးကြပါအုန်းခင်ဗျာ...။ ဒီစာမ...
Rose by callmetyrone
Roseby Caraline
January 1945. Western Poland. Three very different people are at the start of their individual, life-changing journeys. Anja Köhler, the daughter of a high-ranking Nazi...
the road not taken | h.hj & l.fl by hiddenclawsof
the road not taken | h.hj & l.flby z
Two people that were separated by fate and time will soon walk towards the road that no one dared to take - an epistolary.
HF and PTX One Shots (with AATB and FF?) by AviKaplan_is_life
HF and PTX One Shots (with AATB an...by Bass girl: MJ x
Just some Home Free and Pentatonix one shots for y'all ❤️ x Including ideas from 'All About That Bass' and 'Forever Friends?' ° ° ° Collab with @PentaFry4Life
Austin Brown gifs ~Home Free by mortemblade
Austin Brown gifs ~Home Freeby Mortem Blade
this is me fangirling over the Home Free heartthrob but too lazy to write actual fanfics so here we are:D yes, I'm biased towards Austin but i love all of them;)
Home Free Memes! by Tomboylovesmusic
Home Free Memes!by Tomboylovesmusic
I'm just a young man who likes to make fellow home fries laugh with my quick witted memes :)
RomCom (hf oneshot) by SunniDaye22
RomCom (hf oneshot)by you should Love Yourself
A one shot about hf pondering about having kids (based off a pregnant Jeongin TikTok lol)
HF Mob au Father's day edition by SunniDaye22
HF Mob au Father's day editionby you should Love Yourself
Just Hyunjin being an awesome father when he's not out killing anybody lol and all is well without any trouble...right?
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Choo! Choo! Next stop: Despair by olliussy
Choo! Choo! Next stop: Despairby Ollie!
A fanganronpa that takes place on a train. I was bored and decided to make this. heehee
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Noah Jupe and character imagines by KatelynnFloyd3
Noah Jupe and character imaginesby 2005sLxser.
Hey guys My main account is @2005sLxser. I have other Noah Jupe and characters' imagines and preferences on that account so go follow it. But ye, this will be full of im...
Abby Gets Gassed by CutezieOne
Abby Gets Gassedby CutezieOne
Abby and Jessie are two girls that hang out at each other's houses after school. While at Abby's house, Jessie decides to fart on her best friend. Can Abby endure the sm...
Terluka by paniyeyy
Terlukaby Vhania Putri
"Dan untuk saat ini terluka adalah bagianku, sementara bagianmu hanyalah cukup bahagia bersamanya"
A Wave of Hair - a Wattpad one-shot by _words_of_a_woman_
A Wave of Hair - a Wattpad one-shotby 🃏Poison🃏
The hair of her lover drew her in only to push her away.... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• For the Historical Fiction Smackdown R...
Fairy Girl (Little Women Fanfic) by Rain_Dancer1
Fairy Girl (Little Women Fanfic)by Sabrina Auteberry (ACCOUNT ON...
A day in the life of Bess, the daughter of Laurie and Amy from Little Women. ***