II- Nico

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Nico laid down in the bed. Hands covering his face.

"Ugh! Why did I tell him that I had a crush on Percy? He probably never wants to see me again. Thinks I'm just some homosexual freak." Nico stood up and threw his sword at the wall. He was so mad for telling Will his secret. Yet for some reason he also felt a different emotion. Pride. He was proud of himself. Why? He had no idea. "Why am I feeling proud? Because I told Will I was gay? Because... I told Will I was gay." That's when it crossed Nico's mind. It was the first official time that he came out to anyone. He told Percy but he did that to clear the air. He didn't do it for Percy to find out his secret. When he told Will, it was because he trusted him. Nico had finally came out to someone.

Nico laid down in bed and closed his eyes. He didn't sleep, he just replayed the scene between Will and him out in the hallway. Will's eyes were blue. Nico felt mesmerized by the color. Looking the them was like looking at the sky during the day. Will also had an amazing smile. Every time he smiled Nico felt like a thousand skeletal butterflies were rising in his stomach. He felt so warm when Will was around.

"For the love of Zeus, why does Will have to be so damn attractive?" Nico said as he heard a knock at the door. It was Will. Nico stood up quickly. "Will?! What are you doing here?" Oh gods, did he hear anything that I said? Nico thought.

"I know that I told you that I wouldn't be back for an hour but something's happened." Nico realized that Will was breathing hard, like if he was exhausted "Chiron has asked for a head counselor meeting. He heard from a satyr out in the field that he was bringing in three demigods. Three siblings."

"Siblings?" Nico asked with disbelief. One demigod alone has a strong scent. Two, like him and Bianca, were even more dangerous. But three? That's unheard of. Still. "What's so important about them that he had to call a meeting?"

"They're only siblings from their mortal side. They don't share the same godly parent" Will said. "They each have a different one."


Hi guys. So I know that this is a Willco/Solangelo story. But I was thinking. That would get boring real fast. So I decided to add a little twist to the story. Don't worry, it's still going to be about Will and Nico. But every good book doesn't just have one love story does it? Please vote and comment below! Today is 12-25-2014 so I'll try to put up the next chapter by tonight. I need to brainstorm a little. And sleep. Merry Christmas!

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