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Hello people! I hope you guys give this book a chance and if you do, I hope you guys enjoy it :>. I apologize in advance for any punctuation or grammatical errors, feel free to correct me :').

Warning: this book contains dirty talk, cursing and a hreat-wrenching plot so you're in for a fun ride ;> (and yes I'm kind of obsessed with these emoji things)

started on the 9th of June ;>

Y'all can read now hehe.


'I could easily forgive his pride,

if he had not mortified mine.'

     I was perched upon a high branch of a sun valley, rereading "Pride and Prejudice", lost in the book and the cool breeze which weaved through my naturally volumized curls.

     Although romance never matched my own sci-fi-mystery or political proclivities, this was an exception, for it was one of mom's favorites.

     Three years had passed without her. Three years long enough to change me. Three brutal and tough years void the tender love of a mother.

     Like any other child who would describe their mom, I would say that mine was truly a Goddess. Mom was an enigma to most- no, all who knew her; making her attractive and charismatic with her every mysterious doing.

     She had the most vibrant hazel eyes that sent shocks of wonder and curiosity to whomever they met.

      Stella Scherbatsky was a free-spirited woman with a feisty attitude. She'd never lost an argument with anyone... not even daddy. "That woman had an IQ of Mount Everest!" Dad liked to joke.

     However throughout the years, I've learned to forgive and forget. I forgave her for leaving and I forgot most of how she even left...

     I flipped page after page as the sun slowly retreated back into the horizon, the beautiful shades of indigo, lilac, and orange painted the empty sky.

     My mind and heart gradually dissolved into the sepia pages as I read the dramatic romance story where two people of obstinate determination to prove one another wrong, fall in love.

     The trees were rustling gently and the birds had settled from their endless chirping. It was time to go home.

     My mind was at ease as I journeyed through the neighborhood.

     The almost empty streets were illuminated by the yellow light from the houses; leading my way home.


      A strong gust of wind had swing the door open after I had twisted its knob.

     The door slammed against the wall, but to no surprise, my family remained indifferent to the sudden bang as if it were a normal sound to be heard at 7 in the evening.

     A warm and welcoming scene of daddy and my two younger sisters, Luna (the middle child) and Aria (the runt of the family) all spread over the couch with their fingers moving aggressively on the controllers; playing FIFA online 3 was painted into my vision.

     Our family came from a long line of athletes, but mostly basketball, netball, and football players. Hence our heights; I guess you could say natural selection did its thing.

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