Dinner, Together

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It was easy to sense how hesitant Ichigo was as they scaled the first floor of the apartment, keeping himself a good two feet behind Grimmjow as they walked. If not that, Ichigo's awkward fidgeting as he was unlocking the door was a dead giveaway.

Per usual, the apartment was silent when they both stepped inside. Grimmjow kicked off his shoes with ease before heading deeper into the two bedroom apartment, dropping the groceries onto the kitchen counter.

"Make yourself at home, Nel's sleepin' so try to keep it down." He warned, as he washed his hands in the sink before shaking them dry. As much as Grimmjow wanted to ignore the visitor awkwardly standing in his doorway, it was hard to focus on getting dinner started when the guy was handling his new surroundings with as much grace as a fart in a church.

"If you wanna be useful, you can start with the chicken," He gestured behind himself with his thumb, pointing to the bags on the counter. The redhead nodded as he slipped off his sneakers and dropped his school bag on the landing. Grimmjow let the tension fall from his shoulders as he retrieved the can opener and slid it across the countertop to Ichigo.

Rinsing the rice and starting up the cooker was enough to get Grimmjow back into his routine, and it seemed to relax the redhead as well. If it wasn't for the awkward dance they were doing in the cramped kitchen, everything would have been going smooth as can be. If only Grimmjow could remember when Ichigo took the time to pull his hair back. Huh. He decided not to dwell on it too much.

Soon enough, the smell of soy sauce and chicken started to permeate the apartment. Though the other two dwellers of the small flat had yet to make themselves known. Grimmjow thought it was best to count his blessing while he could, but it seemed that Kurosaki was far more curious than he initially let on. Making sure all of the rice stayed in the pan as he cooked was enough of a challenge, let alone keeping up conversation.

"You do have roommates... Right?" Ichigo asked, sounding a bit hesitant as he leaned against the kitchen counter, the food prep he had been busying himself with long since over. Grimmjow tensed at the question, a furrow forming on his brow, only pulling a laugh from the redhead. "Don't get so defensive, I'm gonna meet them here soon anyways." He insisted, only pulling a sigh of annoyance from his blue haired classmate.

"They're my siblings." The answer seemed to be enough to satisfy Ichigo for a few moments. It was likely that he was musing something ridiculous. Akin to a set of blue haired siblings and whether or not they were as grouchy as their brother.

"...Is that all?" Kurosaki pressed on, his gaze flickering to the ceiling as he studied the slightly faded water stains.

"We're adopted. M' sister Nel works third shifts so she's sleepin' right now. Ulquiorra is probably in his room playing games or some shit. He's not the most sociable dude." Grimmjow explained as he tried to ease up a little on his defenses. Ichigo didn't really seem like a threat. He was certainly a trusting one though. Wandering into a stranger's house for dinner wasn't exactly something that just anyone could do.

Kurosaki nodded as he listened, letting his eyes close as he relaxed. Grimmjow's speech habits were a bit crude but there was definitely something charming about his laid back and vulgar vocabulary. At the very least it reminded him of his highschool attitude.

Grimmjow paused as he looked over at Kurosaki, quietly appreciating how the faint afternoon sunlight poured through the kitchen curtains and gently illuminated the locks of orange hair as they cascaded from Ichigo's ponytail. Breathing a soft huff through his nose, he turned his attention back to the task at hand. Turning off the stove and retrieving four bowls from the cabinet before setting them down.

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