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f o u r t e e n | Out And About

"Bernice tells me you and Alexander had an incident with the paparazzi yesterday."

This was said by Uncle Albert, who was sitting up against his pillows as he leaned on the headboard, looking better than yesterday. In fact, he looked the slightest bit better every day.

But there was still no decrease in the boatload of medicines he was to take every single day.

"It's fortunate it was handled effectively. I wouldn't worry too much about it because they'll simmer down considerably after the ceremony. I hope it wasn't too bad?"

"Well, a bit, maybe? But I'm guessing that's because it was my first time out while being here."

"Ah, yes," he narrowed his eyes at me as he zeroed in on my last statement. "You haven't been out, have you? Have you at least been into town?"

I just shook my head in answer.

"Well, that's just ridiculous. I'll talk to Alexander and he'll take you. I'd be good to get out and about, you know. "

I was totally up for that.

But first I wanted a question answered. "There was something I wanted to ask you."

He raised his eyebrows in curiosity, telling me to go on.

"You told Alexander I land on my feet." I said, recalling the moment he said that to me when we came back from the event. "What makes you think that?"

Uncle Albert didn't give me an answer.

Instead, he simply chose to smile. "More on that later, yes?"

This time Alexander was already seated in the backseat, and I quickened my steps to hurry towards the car

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This time Alexander was already seated in the backseat, and I quickened my steps to hurry towards the car. When I settled inside, Harry smiled in greeting whereas Alexander didn't look up from the screen of his cell phone.

"Good afternoon, Lady Simmons."

"Good afternoon," I smiled back, before feeling the need to add, "You don't have to do the whole Lady Simmons thing, you know."

He gave me an apologetic smile through the review mirror and I knew he wouldn't be dropping that. I just let out a small laugh at that, thinking everybody sure was consistent. We pulled away from the castle right then and I turned to look out the window, happy to be out in the daytime. The sun in the strong winter of Bellewynn just felt amazing, not too much and not too less. Just perfect.

"So where are we going?" I asked, still looking out the window at the snow-cased trees.

"We'll go into town," announced Alexander. "Quaint place. You'll like it."

"Can't wait," I responded, and I don't think the excitement in my voice could be missed.

He looked up from his phone to me right then and said, "Nick says hi."

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